Young Living Essential Oils: Master your Essential Oils

Young Living Essential Oils USA: Clinical research shows essential oils, which have the highest…
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19 Responses to “Young Living Essential Oils: Master your Essential Oils”

  1. SingPeace! Pilgrimage for Peace and Global Harmony says:

    You are not displaying Young Living Essential Oils. So why does your title
    include this brand name? Myself? I wouldn’t recommend any other brand than
    Young Living.

  2. Yogi Fuller says:

    Good Evening to you .I was wondering if you could repost a video talking
    about that NEEM OIL and the benefits from using it….you was in a

  3. Itheopia Hathshepsut says:

    i love you! 

  4. CHEF ROSA says:

    The Indian people use it for meditation, I us it for anti-wrinkle

  5. koka84peecha says:

    Is Sandal oil is the bet for meditation?I read it is the best for the all
    chakras,is it correct? And what is the best brand for Sandal? Thanks anyway

  6. Ashley Hardaway says:

    Please could you do a tutorial on foot care…. In particular removing

  7. Grace Dew says:


  8. pz3ify says:

    Very educational!

  9. CHEF ROSA says:

    Only a doctor can do this.

  10. joolsgoomunch says:

    “If it’s zero, well you know you’re dead.” Lol, I cannot stop laughing!
    Mama Rosa, you’re wonderful and I am envious of your lovely skin. Please
    make more diy natural skin care products videos 🙂

  11. loseweightnowtv says:

    The food tastes different or has no taste really is because it is
    genetically modified. If you can get organic food, non GMO foods, it will
    more likely taste like what you remember. GMO’s are killing us please do
    the research yall.

  12. CHEF ROSA says:

    I try and work on it tomorrow my love

  13. JennifersWorldReviews henry says:

    thankyou.. sooo much .. yes i started using them when i became natural ..
    hair .. but i say this to say that lavendar i use it on my hubby i message
    his head with it to put him to sleep.. he has had brain cancer for 17yrs..
    level 4 we know hes a living mircale.. jesus is lord .. bless you and your

  14. April Tellis says:

    I love your all your videos! They are very informative. If you don’t mind
    me asking What denomination are you?

  15. April Tellis says:

    Ok you just remind of a seventh Day Adventist. You just have such a
    wonderful spirit !

  16. CHEF ROSA says:

    biofrequency monitor

  17. CHEF ROSA says:

    I’m not of known

  18. Pinky Green says:

    “The human brain should be @ 72-90 megahertz … ” HOW do you measure it?

  19. lovinmynaps09 says:

    Could you recommend a good aromatherapy book? I like to diffuse it in the
    house and just put some on a napkin and place it in a bag and just sniff
    when I need it. I just wanted to know how to mix them to get the best
    benefit from it.

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