Wholesale Essential Oils and Their Uses

Wholesale Essential Oils and Their Uses

An essential oil is a liquid that is obtained from stem, leaves, roots or bark of plant. These extracts are distilled by steam or water. These oils contain true essence of the plant, from which they are derived from. These are highly concentrated oil and are not same as perfumes or fragrance oils.

Essential oils are obtained from true plants and are free of artificial substances that are contained in perfume oils. These oils contain therapeutic benefits. The chemical composition and aroma is used in providing valuable psychological and physical therapeutic benefits. Their inhalation or application to the skin in diluted form can be much useful. When inhaled carefully, the oil molecules enter the lungs and are absorbed into blood stream, thus producing therapeutic effects.

These concentrated oils, obtained from trees are generally diluted with the help of carrier oil and are applied to the skin for absorption. The carrier oils used are sweet almond, grape seed oil, kernel or apricot oil).

These oils are stored in small bottles for individual use. They can vary in quality and price, which depends upon certain factors, like country of origin, rarity of botanical and growing climatic conditions. The quality standards and the quantity of oil produced by a tree also matter a lot.

Essential oils can also be purchased in the form of mix of several essential oils. This blend helps a person in saving upon buying every essential oil individually.

These oils have several health benefits. These are known for its antimicrobial, anti-anemic, antibacterial, tonic, anti-rheumatic, diuretic, and antiseptic therapeutic properties. Due to these properties it has found place in curing various health disorders.

These oils have also found place in cosmetic industries, as these form an important component of several cosmetic and herbal products. These oils require extra care, when using it for different purposes. These are used in manufacturing of shampoos, soaps, candles, creams, lotions and other scented products. Peppermint oil is an important constituent of toothpaste and mouth washes. Many of these pure and wholesale essential oils have found place in ayurveda, as they help in making of ayruvedic medicines and herbal products.


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