Use Essential Oils To Slow The Ageing Process

Use Essential Oils To Slow The Ageing Process

Ageing is a natural process which we must all go through. Ageing is caused by the effects of time and our environment on our bodies. There are so many variables which cause us to age that we cant control them all. We can however isolate and control a few of them. The quality of our lives and our health, especially in our latter years is a result of the way that we treat our bodies during life. We will talk just a little bit here about some of the variables that we can control in life and the ways that we can slow down the ageing process to make it a more graceful event.

Many like to use cosmetics to cover the effects of ageing which is OK, but remember that cosmetics only mask whats actually there. They dont do a thing to cure or reverse the ageing process. Many products claim that they will make you look younger which they may in fact do but remember that they only mask the effects of ageing. Products which moisturize your skin will last for a short while. Most of them are water based so the water will give a fuller look to the skin but water quickly evaporates or will be absorbed by the body.

Natural oils are the best ingredients which you can use to moisturize the skin and they will last much longer than water based products because oil wont evaporate or be absorbed into the body as quickly as water. Oil based products will remain in the cells much longer. This is the reason why athletes who use steroids will use water based steroids when they are close to having to take a blood test

Many essential oils match the ph of the body closely so they are readily absorbed into the skin. The lighter essential oils dont feel oily at all which means that you can use them more often and freely. Essential oils are natures perfect cosmetics because they contain ingredients which the body needs for cell growth, function, nutrition, and repair. They are not processed so they match the natural needs of the human body. Essential oils contain vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins and just about every other element essential to bodily function.

Essential oils promote natural healing by providing the body what it needs to continue to function naturally. When the body is sick it is merely off key or out of balance in some way. Many essential oils are natural antibiotics because of their germ fighting properties. Tea tree oil is especially good for killing germs and fungus and is powerful enough to be an industrial grade disinfectant but gentle enough to be used on the skin every day.

I have to shave my head periodically which is always a chore because I have extremely sensitive skin. I apply a mixture of almond oil, vitamin E oil, aloe vera oil, and chopped up aloe vera leaves to my face and scalp immediately after shaving and it works wonders. I only apply it once and the results are immediate. The aloe vera soothes my burning scalp and promotes healing while the combination provides my damaged cells with ingredients which they need in order to recover and regenerate.

Many essential oils contain antioxidants which remove the free radicals which cause the cells to age and die. The antioxidants will attach themselves to harmful particles and escort them away from the cells where they do their damage. Free radicals are the number one cause of ageing so their removal is key to long life. If you are serious about fighting the effects of old age it would be a very good idea to maintain a supply of essential oils and use them on a regular basis to prevent ageing. Fragrance Oil Express

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