TV NEWS STORY — Folks Say Young Living Oils Are CHANGING Their LIves!

TV NEWS STORY -- Folks Say Young Living Oils Are CHANGING Their LIves!

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24 Responses to “TV NEWS STORY — Folks Say Young Living Oils Are CHANGING Their LIves!”

  1. Caitlin Brunner says:

    which oil cured her bladder infection?

  2. Tammy Klassen says:

    I’ve just started exploring EO. I need help figuring out what to use for
    arthritis in my lower back for chronic pain! Holistic Joe… what oils do
    you recommend for that?

  3. ItzNEOS says:

    I work at Young Living here in Utah I have tried the oils and they are

  4. Jason Hovis says:

    Hey Joe, thanks for sharing such a great video. I was wondering if you
    could tell me the best resource you know of about the science of the oils?

  5. Lori Bailey says:

    Any thoughts on what to use for Restless Leg Syndrome? Right now all I do
    is take hot epsom salt baths. I have perscription of Clanasapam that some
    nights do nothing! 

  6. Hubert Summers says:


  7. Lenora Aumiller says:

    Young Living oil

  8. maddog202034 says:

    “Young Living” oils are AMAZING!!…I was introduced to them last year,
    when my hubby collapsed with spine disc bulge….All hospital doctors were
    willing/able to do was dope him up on Oramorph….Took less than a week to
    get him walking again!!!

  9. Lenora Aumiller says:

    Young Living 

  10. Valerie Chambers says:

    Discovering Natures Remedies

    FOX NEWS STORY — Folks Say Young Living Oils Are HEALING Them!!!

  11. tree of faith says:

    A must try for me

  12. Angie Bullock's Intentional Living says:

    FOX NEWS REPORT — Folks Say Young Living’s Oils are HEALING Them!!! –

  13. FlyingPix010 says:

    Young Living Oils are amazing! My wife and I use them and are a distributor
    for Young Living. We feel that they are Gods intended medicine and feel
    very blessed to have found out about them just over one year ago!

  14. Rafaela Concepcion says:

    that oils are good. 

  15. Jackie Leatherwood says:

    In response to seraphim31:
    Prices range from $10 on up

  16. Cheryl Valdebenito says:

    thanks for posting the video Joe. So many uses. Wouldn’t be without them
    here in Chile!

  17. ChiQuiS29KiSs says:

    So true, They do work :D

  18. Barb T says:

    Just cured my sinus infection this week, in 3 days! No antibiotics, just YL
    oils and a neti pot

  19. Kim Ayres says:

    Young Living featured on NBC.

  20. Life Adjusted Chiropractic & Wellness says:

    I can’t say it enough… these oils are amazing. Happy to hear that others
    think so too!

  21. Zubeda Akoob says:

    Hi. I need essential oils for Spur Ankle. Is it possible to get this oil in
    South Africa. Or can I get it posted to me?.

  22. Denyce Weiwei says:

    I have been taking prednisone for my SLE for 16 years. The side effects are
    nasty. Is there any oil that can help?

  23. Viper482 says:

    And they charge you an arm and a leg too

  24. Seraphim31 says:

    What are the prices of these oils? 

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