Top 5 Health Benefits Of Omega 3 Fish Oil

Top 5 Health Benefits Of Omega 3 Fish Oil

Fish oil is the best source of omega 3. Do you know exactly how these fish oil are produced? Before you reap the numerous health benefits of omega 3 essential fatty acids, you must have sufficient omega 3 fatty acids in your diet. One solution to get adequate supply of this omega 3 is by production of fish oil supplements.

For the fish oil to be extracted, the fish are first steamed or heated up to 95 C. The oil will then separate from the water and protein of the fish. They use centrifuge to separate or extract the oil in the liquid. It undergoes a refinement process to get rid of all impurities. The fish oil are processed and then sold in the form of gel capsules as dietary supplements.

This fish oil is an excellent source of essential fatty acids known as DHA and EPA. The encapsulated fish oil in soft gels is convenient to take or swallow. You can be sure that you get enough omega 3 in your diet by taking these supplements. The health benefits of fish oil are plenty and here you will discover the top 5 health benefits of omega 3 fish oil.

Fish Oil and Heart Diseases-Recent studies show that omega 3 is helpful to reduce death brought by heart diseases. Fish oil omega 3 is also known as a natural blood thinner. This potentially promotes fast blood clotting and prevents blood coagulation. That is why it is recognized as a substance that is good for the heart. It can also decrease the triglycerides in the blood. At the same time it is effective to Diprevent the buildup of plaques in the arteries. American Heart Association recommends reasonable amount of omega 3 in diet.
Fish Oil and Brain Health-Fish oil is not just good for heart it is good for the brain also. The DHA, essential fatty acid for example is important for healthy brain development. Those with omega 3 deficiency show more cognitive problems or difficulties which includes poor concentration and poor memory.  Omega 3 is essential for healthy brain tissues.
Fish Oil and Cancer Prevention- Good amount of evidence also showed that omega 3 is good for the prevention of cancer. Those who have diets sufficient with omega 3 are reported to have lower incidence of cancer including colon cancers and breast cancers. Good nutrition is achieved when there are enough omega 3 and good nutrition helps reduce cancer formation.
Fish Oil and Arthritis – Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis are just two of the types of arthritis where fish oil can help. Omega 3 can work as a natural joint lubricants at the same time it has anti-inflammatory properties to reduce inflammations and pair
Fish Oil and Pregnancy-Finally, one of the top health benefits of omega 3 is for healthy pregnancy. The omega 3 fish oil are not just beneficial for the mother but also for the growing baby inside. If you want your child to have proper mental development and good eyesight, the role of these essential fatty acids should be considered. Women also who had used omega 3 fish oil show less symptoms of postnatal depression.

Find out more what makes omega 3 fish oil the best dietary dupplement in the market. Explore all the wonderful health benefits of having these esssential faty acids on a regular basis.

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