Tea Mastery – a relaxing herbal tea blend

tea making, a quick instructional. This is a blend for relaxation: OatStraw, LemonBalm and Valerian Root. valerian is so calming.

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16 Responses to “Tea Mastery – a relaxing herbal tea blend”

  1. politicaltruth42 says:

    forgot some cannabis :D

  2. DumDumShow says:

    god dammit i want caffeine!…..i dig this herbal vibe and feel like this
    is the real Appleseed

  3. Mastery Energy Ecstasy says:

    @QuakeWatch It certainly is. use it a few times a week for good relaxing
    sleep and nice dreams.

  4. Mastery Energy Ecstasy says:

    Great hope you can find an affordable source. OR grow a plant at your home.
    Its easy!

  5. Peter Appleseed says:

    Peter Appleseed approves this video. Product is deemed safe and natural.

  6. Babette S says:


  7. DumDumShow says:

    @goodsenseofhumor thanks for that

  8. DumDumShow says:

    @MasterEy1 I can’t remember on the Carob thing…think so….if I can get a
    chance i’ll try and make a response but you know me……I am a chocolate
    freak as well.

  9. Good Sense of Humor says:

    @DumDumShow Everybody should check out dumdumshow for a rowdy good time.

  10. Mastery Energy Ecstasy says:

    thanx! great comment!

  11. Mastery Energy Ecstasy says:

    Yeah great herbs. tasty and effective.

  12. Mastery Energy Ecstasy says:

    @DumDumShow lol. I will give you a list of great caffeine sources:
    chocolate (hey that’s not tea) Camellia sinensis. White tea, green tea,
    oolong tea, and black tea etc.

  13. Mastery Energy Ecstasy says:

    Respond to this video… actually i don’t know of many others. Have you
    ever tried Carob? It’s one of the best non-caffeine highs.

  14. QuakeWatch says:

    valerian root tea sounds potent.

  15. Jonny Martin says:

    Me and my cat loves catnip and valerian too!

  16. vorkev1 says:

    i love . valerian i drink yes drink lots of it when i can aford it. a great
    herb mix is . valerian, catnip, Passionflower,Chamomile and Linden flowers
    warrning drinking enuff can get you dizzy from being so relaxed

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