Oil Treatments & Recipes : How to Make Lemon Balm Oil


Lemon balm oil can ease any type of herpes outbreak. Concoct your own with instructions from an acupuncture physician and registered herbalist in this free v…
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Making a Lemon Balm infused Oil

A short film on making an infused herbal oil using dried lemon balm – from Tim Cappelli, herbalist at Vitality +.

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15 Responses to “Oil Treatments & Recipes : How to Make Lemon Balm Oil”

  1. okmefirst says:


  2. Allura Papiliodea says:

    So i read that you should store it room temperature with the oil for 6-8
    weeks, do you think this is a good remedy? You say in the video it only
    lasts about a month. what do you suggest?

  3. Shivani Loka-Laksmi says:

    I have fresh lemon balm I’d like to use instead of dried. How much balm :
    to oil should I use (ratio please)? Do you have any tips for me on what I
    need to know for fresh herbs rather than dried? Thank you!

  4. 7Cappelli says:

    @Liquidcoat17 Hi – thanks for the comment Quantities are: 20g of dried
    lemon balm (or about 50g of fresh) 150ml of almond oil – can you use other
    vegetable or nut oil This will give around 100ml of infused oil when
    finished - hope this helps

  5. Default Name says:

    In small amounts, yes. Too high dosages can be toxic to the liver.

  6. Alex Wieland says:

    could I get the exact measurements? I can’t hear you very well in this
    video. Much appreciated. 🙂

  7. Morninggrl21 says:

    I can barely understand what this man is saying. He speaks under his breath.

  8. Shant Bob says:

    Hello Thank you for this great video, i would like to ask if i can use
    castor or sunflower oil instead of olive oil to make herbal essential oils

  9. ZBridgeridoo says:

    How about coconut oil?

  10. Jane Doe says:

    Is this ingestable in the oil form? Thanks!

  11. metaknowledge2010 says:

    excellent video – THANKS!

  12. norwegianblue08 says:

    Very interesting video, Tim! I definitely want to try this, as I have on
    hand an ample supply of dried, organic Lemon Balm. It is such a wonderful
    herb, and I think it is highly underrated. Probably because it is so common
    and so it has not been very profitable to promote as a “cure” by herbal
    healers throughout the ages.I use lemon balm a lot, as a mood enhancer. I
    actually like to make my own kombucha substituting lemon balm for tea. It
    tastes great! Your accent is very clear and melodious.

  13. naughtynish says:

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  14. tenice1985 says:

    great video thanks alot!

  15. Alex Wieland says:

    @7Cappelli Thank you SOOOOO much. Keep making awesome videos!

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