Natural Lip Balm

How to Make Your Own Lip Balm from Dorothy at and Mapuana: In a double boiler, melt: 2 tsp. raw honey 4-5 Tab. almond oil 1 T. …
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  1. 4007fairview says:

    Hi Dorothy ~ I was surprised to hear that you use henna on your hair. Isn’t
    your hair blonde? I thought henna was a reddish color? I’d be interested to
    hear more about that because I’m blonde and stopped coloring my hair and I
    can say I’m not happy about the gray – ha! Thanks for the lip gloss and the
    red mica info! Another great video and such great info you share so
    willingly with us – thank you Dorothy! Debbie *Ü*

  2. 4007fairview says:

    @Dorothy7476 I wonder how it covers the gray. I mean a lot of gray. When I
    stopped coloring my hair a few months back – I see now that I think it’s
    coming in all gray. So maybe the henna wouldn’t work for that? What are
    your thoughts…?

  3. 4007fairview says:

    @Dorothy7476 Hi Dorothy ~ Thanks so much for posting back. This is why I’ve
    stopped coloring because of all the chemicals sitting on my head. Even
    though I was using HerbaTint, I’m assuming that it’s still chemical laden.
    I honestly didn’t know that blondes could use henna. I’ll look into that if
    I decide that the gray that’s growing in now isn’t for me – ha! Thanks
    again ~ You know how much I appreciate your videos 🙂 Debbie

  4. Dorothy Delaney says:

    @4007fairview Yeah, for blonde hair, they suggest mixing chamomile tea or
    lemon juice in the 2nd stage. And when I go out in the sun, the golds and
    reds really come out! I love it so much!

  5. Dorothy Delaney says:

    @4007fairview Hi Debbie! I just used henna for the 2nd time, and I love it!
    All my grey went away! Yes, my hair’s blonde, but I played with the auburn
    color this time, and mixed it with chamomile tea, and also lemon kombucha!
    I love it so much! I order it from Light Mountain, on Vitacost. Let me know
    if you do it, Debbie! It’s ONLY henna, from the henna plant, nothing else!

  6. 4007fairview says:

    @Dorothy7476 @Dorothy7476 @4007fairview I’ve been to Light Mountain’s
    website and I’m reading, reading. I’m going to contact them and see what
    they have to say. Thanks for mentioning this Dorothy and adding your
    comments about the tea and lemon kombucha! I really had no idea blondes (or
    gray) could use a henna product. I order a lot from iHerb and I see they
    carry this also. (yay!) Please disregard my post below – I plan on calling
    the company. 🙂

  7. Dorothy Delaney says:

    @kupunaandmapuana Thank you!

  8. ericag203 says:

    I like your video

  9. Dorothy Delaney says:

    @4007fairview It does cover the grey! Really, really! I am 51 years old,
    and you could see how much grey I had in the first 40 youtube videos. I
    love the henna so much! It’s natural, nothing but the henna plant, and it’s
    beautiful! They say henna also attracts magnetic energy around your head,
    and it truly feels like it! Let me know how it goes!

  10. 4007fairview says:

    @Dorothy7476 Aww Dorothy – you’re so sweet and you’ve convinced me – I’ll
    order the henna, heehee! Thank you so much, you’re a gift! Debbie *Ü*

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