Making Lemon Oil Infusion

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25 Responses to “Making Lemon Oil Infusion”

  1. Alixandra Sun says:

    Suggestions: grate your lemons you’ll get more surface area from which to
    extract the EOs from the lemons. And, instead of using olive oil which is
    heavy and smells, use almond oil. Almond oil smells less, is easily
    absorbed by the skin, and has loads of natural vitamins. Rather than cook
    it, just put it in a mason jar and leave it in the sun in a windowsill.
    And, then shake it a few times each day.

  2. kathy jo tourtois says:

    i do this in orange,lemon n lime peels. i use the strained oil for
    cooking,salads,baking and for my skin !! also the pith actually had great
    benifits ,i leave it on the peel while infusing. i also dry all my peels
    using them in my teas to drink.also use citrus peels to infuse vinegars .
    many many uses. ty 4 sharing

  3. Rose Garcia says:

    Just tooooo looooonggggggg. Keep it simple on your other videos or fast
    forward. Also, that noise when stirring sounds gross. Will give PROPS to
    using the CrockPot. To get the better bang for your buck, USE the whole

  4. Emily Chase Smith says:

    Thanks so much for your video – super helpful!

  5. Keith Peters says:

    The white rind is called the pith.

  6. Aisha Azeroul says:

    the cold method, i let the oranges sit in a dark mason jar under my sink
    for about 3 months and still all i could smell was olive oil…. lol

  7. Aisha Azeroul says:

    when I try to do this all i can smell is the olive oil….. help please

  8. Aisha Azeroul says:

    What is the reasoning for soaking in rubbing alcohol for 1 1/2 hours?

  9. Mae Morton says:

    Wouldn’t this make a nice salve ?

  10. Janice Gruver says:

    Use veg. Peeler~!

  11. Angela Steeves says:

    Well this was suppose to be used in a liquid soap that I would use for
    shampoo but I found that as you said here it didn’t wash out as well as I’d
    wanted. I now use surfactants for my shampoo instead of making liquid soap
    and it does leave a little shine to the hair. Although I prefer to use the
    EO. But you have to add polysorbate 20 as an emulsifier in equal amounts
    when adding to surfactants. You can use a large amount of this infusion i
    regular soap for a small amount of scent.

  12. ABetterLifeForUs says:

    like if i was to use this in something other then hair care i mean like
    household detergent or cleaning stuff so it can over power the vingar smell

  13. doctordoctordocism says:

    is this lemon oil okay/safe to use on your face, not as a topical cream but
    as an astringent or pour cleaner of some sort?

  14. Angela Steeves says:

    @BeautifulBlaquePearl it had a greenish tint to it and because I used a
    heated infusion it can be used right away. It doesn’t last too long though
    because I used fresh lemon peel and the water in them affects the rancidy
    of the oil infusion. But if i’d dehydrated the peelings first (wish I had a
    dehydrator) it would last as long as the original oil expiration date would
    last. (always check oil expiration dates and apply that information to any
    product you make)

  15. Angela Steeves says:

    No not organic. But the best I could do that would actually wash well in my
    hair. You could try a liquid soap or a shampoo bar if you wanted to go the
    organic root. I just didn’t like it personally lots of people are ok with
    it though. I use vinegar for cleaning myself and like it but I have orange
    oil also and it works really well in the wash for grease stains too. I’m
    thinking of doing some stevia too if I can find some herb for lip balms and
    massage candles. I hope they all work out well

  16. Michael Casubuan says:

    can i put altogether then boil for 3-4hrs in one time?

  17. Angela Steeves says:

    @TheWhitepoppy Thanks good idea! 🙂

  18. ProPaleo says:

    Are those ingredients organic? Cool I’l check it out. I’m also trying
    extracting coconut shreds and stevia. Well the mint is for incense and
    possible medical applications as is the lemon balm. the satsuma orange is
    for cleaning, polishing and insence, the coconut is for insense and
    possible recipes as well as hair, medical uses and moisturizer (great
    massage oil). The stevia is strictly for better mixing with coconut or mint
    in hopes of counteracting the bitter taste for complimenting tea.

  19. angelsandfaes says:


  20. Angela Steeves says:

    That’s a good idea! thanks I use vegetable glycerin in my shampoos anyway
    too. 🙂

  21. msmazajeh says:

    lemon oil for hair?

  22. Angela Steeves says:

    @naturallifesoaps Wow dollar store! I’ll have to check that out I’m using
    my Mom’s right now but it doesn’t work all that well. Thanks! 🙂

  23. Angela Steeves says:

    yes you could use it on your face as a cleanser if you wanted. There is
    lots of information out there on oil cleansing and I imagine the addition
    of the lemon would make it more cleansing. I would just make sure to keep
    it out of the eyes as it may sting badly.

  24. TheWhitepoppy says:

    you can also use a carrot peeler instead of a knife….less white pith on
    the peel and easier to do….just a thought!

  25. Emti Cine says:

    can I use this for my guitar?

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