Making Lavender Essential Oil

Steam Distilling Lavender Essential Oil Our oils and hydrosols are now available in limited quantity.…
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25 Responses to “Making Lavender Essential Oil”

  1. WoWHottie26 says:

    i was hoping for a slightly better step by step guide instead on the bare
    minimum of a video.

  2. Marie Claude says:

    That is great

  3. Sylvester Fritz says:


  4. Good Earth Spa says:

    The water product is lavender hydrosol. It does not contain any essential
    oil. It contains water soluble scented compounds.

  5. My little Roadrunner says:

    You are super talented. Love all your videos

  6. Farmword says:

    homade distiller for essential oils

  7. halofreak4t5 says:

    I see, that makes sense, Thanks for the quick reply! I am just looking to
    make oil that i can burn for the smell. I’m not sure if one can burn
    essential oils or not. I heard you can if you dilute them in water. I still
    don’t know though.

  8. erickaarredondo3 says:

    Wonderful video!!!

  9. halofreak4t5 says:

    So if I tried to make lavender oil (I’m just looking to make oil for
    burning in an oil burner, for fragrance), using grape seed oil as a carrier
    and letting it sit on low heat for a few hours, it wouldn’t work? Why not?
    I’ve used this method to make lilac oil before and it came out rather nice.
    Is there a reason lavender just won’t work in such a way?

  10. LaMargueritebyMissy says:

    That is so cool!

  11. Good Earth Spa says:

    Talk to Gary at heartmagic dott com for the small eo still.

  12. Sahar Hawasli says:


  13. BarnhartFarmsSoapCo says:

    Bonnie, you are amazing! You’re like the soaping version of Bill Nye “the
    science guy”…only prettier! I love watching all the genius things you
    create. :~)

  14. KrazyKazu says:

    Can the water, under the lavender oil, be collected and boiled to extract
    essential oils? Or has all the oil been distilled out of the water? Cool
    video! -cKw

  15. gabrielle kili says:

    Do you have your own lavander bushes. Im always looking for things to do
    with lavander I have 4 , 5+ year old bushes and they are getting so big and
    make so much lavender I dont know what to do with it all

  16. TheFutureprim says:

    excellent bonnie. i would love to see more vids like this. it blows me
    away! xx

  17. Good Earth Spa says:

    That was my favorite show as a kid. As soon as the school bus dropped me
    off, I would run in to catch the rest of the show. I always missed the
    first couple minutes depending on how long it took the bus to get me home.

  18. handymanbananas says:

    Really cool. Where can you buy one of those distillers?

  19. sumiji888 says:

    Really awesome, i’m a beginner~ can’t wait to try making these wonder
    natural products myself

  20. Good Earth Spa says:

    Great! More coming. My distilling season is right now 🙂

  21. elohelreh says:

    have you seen “perfume: a story of a murderer?” it’s a crazy English film
    and revolves around old French-style perfuming. was originally a German
    novel. besides the essential oil distillation, this video has nothing to do
    with the film. just thought i’d share.

  22. takenbysilence says:

    You can make soaps, cook with it, make lavender lemonade, make sachets, or
    what I used to do when I was little was pick it from my mother’s garden and
    rub it all over my body in the shower or let it float in my baths. 🙂

  23. HeavenlyScent33 says:

    gabrielle kili: sell the lavender that you have to small business that use
    the flower buds. if you dont want to sell it, you can use it in your
    sock/underware drawers to make them smell fresh. also try using lavender in
    a cheesecloth bag and put it in your vaccume cleaner for fresh carpets!

  24. pumpkinska says:

    Bonnie, you are a total inspiration. I want to do some distilling!

  25. Gourmet Soap Boutique says:

    wow! where on earth did you get that distiller? that is sooo cool!

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