Lemon Balm

A quick overview of one of my favorite herbs.
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6 Responses to “Lemon Balm”

  1. Stephanie Clay says:

    Thanks for video. I will pick up a plant and try it out! 

  2. lempbrewpub says:

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  3. iwillybilly says:

    Thanks Sir, i could use this to get some sleep. I have been using melitonin
    and ambien but i will try this. I havent been on youtube in awhile but Im
    glad you are doing well, stay safe my friend

  4. stone4bread says:

    Thanks , I hope all is well with you also. Hope you get some and get some
    sleep, if you need it.

  5. WatchMan815 says:

    Great Vids……I subbed you

  6. Thecoldwaterfall says:

    It does make a very tasty tea for sure!

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