Lemon Balm ? Herb, Oil and Tea in One

Lemon Balm ? Herb, Oil and Tea in One

For centuries and before the birth of modern medicine, ancient methods were used to treat different kinds of diseases and illnesses. The methods usually consisted of natural plants and herbs. Nowadays, with all the years of innovations that science and medicine have undergone, new ideas were created and new methods of treatment were born.

Among the significant discoveries of treating diseases is learning about the healing characteristic and properties of tea, particularly one that has been around for generations—the Lemon balm tea.

Lemon balm is used to be popularly called “Melissa”, which is a mint with an apparent lemony flavor. It originated from southern Europe and northern Africa and history dictates that it was used as a healing herb and mixed in beverages to extend lastingness.

The Lemon balm was introduced by the Arabs as a tea with medicinal herb used to treat anxiety and depression. Its leaves, flowers and stems are therapeutic and were as essential as sweet-smelling oils in the olden times hence the term “balm”. In present-time France, it is used to heal headaches and fatigue.

This type of tea is also known to have the powers of longevity or to prolong life. The chief chemical elements present in Lemon balm include essential oil, tannins, bitter principle, resin, polyphenols, flavonoids, succinic acid, and rosmarinic acid.

There is a long list of health conditions that can be treated with Lemon balm including cold and flu, high blood pressure, insomnia and indigestion. It also has tremendous effects in people with spasm in the digestive tract, dyspepsia and depression. People who suffer from thyroid hormone can also take Lemon balm for relief.

If you think that’s more than enough, the list still goes on. Lemon balm is an effective remedy for migraine and because it helps lower blood pressure, it has a wellness effect on the heart and circulatory system. Above all this, Lemon balm has a naturally calming and relaxing effect which makes it a good beverage to drink for people who often experience nervousness and insomnia.

When you steep Lemon balm with hot water, the extracts have anti-viral properties that you can apply on skin lesions of herpes simplex and other skin infections. Studies also reveal that Lemon balm can safely be taken by children and will surely be loved by them because of its good taste.

We will all encounter health problems or conditions at some point in our lives, and when it happens, simply remind yourself that there are a huge number of plants and herbs out there that can help you get better and Lemon balm tea is on top of the list.

Ann Trenton has been writing Internet articles on different health subjects for the past several years. She is a registered nurse who began writing stories as a little girl. She enjoys writing articles and blog posts about tea and tea time.

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