How to make Your Own Lemon Balm Tincture

1 Show notes click the link above So first of all you are probably wondering what is a tincture? A tincture is …
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11 Responses to “How to make Your Own Lemon Balm Tincture”

  1. Shivani Loka-Laksmi says:

    Groovy video. How long did you leave the second tincture to rest again?
    Also, do you suggest taking the tincture only at night (meaning, does it
    just relax you or does it make you TIRED?) Thanks so much BLESS!

  2. Elayne Relles says:

    Awesome thank you

  3. CherryNurse says:

    Is it legal to sell medicinal/non-medicinal herbs online?

  4. Shivani Loka-Laksmi says:

    Oh yeah one more QQ..
    How much of the tincture do you tend to take?
    (I know this varies, but curious about what you have done that has yielded
    Thank you

  5. Jonathan Johnson says:

    you can make bug bite, itch poison ivy cure prevention using this, white
    oak leaves, and a mason jar add moonshine set for 1 month, shake daily. 

  6. ron wood says:

    I like the video another good thing to do is put parchment paper on the lid
    before screwing it on. That will help the alcohol from absorbing the lid.
    I also use organic grain alcohol:)

  7. Dirty Bliss Music - Andrew D Hillman ☮ says:

    If your in Canada check out this site.. Huge
    selection of rare hybrid mints and they ship right up until November in
    Canada, great video too, enjoyed the fart humor lol ☮

  8. westtima says:

    Ha! Now I have a use for all that Lemon Balm growing in my backyard! It’s
    also an anti-viral so should be useful for the flu season. I heard it can
    help shorten a 4 day flu into a 2 day thing.

    Maybe you can use this tincture to make hard candy and use as a cough drop
    for colds?

  9. Diane Mumm Garden Videos says:

    Hi, love your video.. I was looking on how to make lemon balm essential oil
    and found you.. how is tincture different than essential oil? so once you
    let the tincture set for the appropriate time, how exactly will you use
    it.. I have heard via dr oz lemon balm oil if put on early stages makes
    cold sores go away..

  10. sonjaja100 says:

    Can make this without alcohol?

  11. Melissa West says:

    Apparently you can make alcohol free tinctures with vegetable glycerin,
    apple cider vinegar or distilled white vinegar. You will also need to make
    sure that you use 100% vegetable glycerin or food grade distilled white
    vinegar when making a non-alcoholic herbal tincture. Hope that helps 🙂

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