How to Make Natural Bug Repellent Spray with recipe (Essential Oil)

How to Make Natural Bug Repellent Spray with recipe (Essential Oil)

How to make natural bug spray from scratch with Essential oil recipe www.essenti…
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15 Responses to “How to Make Natural Bug Repellent Spray with recipe (Essential Oil)”

  1. Marc Mallary says:

    Thank you Kimberly and I bet it will work against ticks also which are a
    big problem here in CA.
    I wouldn’t know chigger or bed bug if it bit me.

  2. Susan Vaughn says:

    Fort Payne. I knew you were from Alabama. You talk like me. Cant wait to
    try this.

  3. realyredone says:

    Can you use witch hazel? I heard witch hazel does the same thing as
    glycerine as far as helping e.o. and water mix.

  4. Naomi Hatfield says:

    I will have to try this…Maine is very buggy this year :)

  5. Marty Saint says:

    good point kim about the smells changing i agree thank you for this video
    hope things are good with you and your family

  6. mukwah1111 says:

    Hi Kim Great formula. I am finding though that it doesn’t seem to ward
    off mosquitos here in Ontario. I am adding Lemongrass EO to the mix and
    that seems to work on the mosquitos

  7. Ingrid Berlanga says:

    Thanks for the recipe!! I live in Houston Texas and mosquitoes are deadly
    here!!! It rained a few days here and now, they’re out for blood!!! I’m
    definitely gonna make some for me and my family!! Great video!! :)

  8. teresa hoffman says:

    I hadnt thought of that, Kim.makes a lot of sense.I was looking for a
    blend, cause we have tons of ticks.using a single oil makes more sense.

  9. Tina Fisher says:

    I’m going to try this, Michigan is swarming with mosq. this year, I can’t
    even go into my garden because I get about 50 on me within 1 minute.

  10. Marion Sallee says:

    i hate being allergic to cedar :(

  11. Angel Baby Soaps says:

    Where have you been Kim? And how’s business?

  12. Jessica Dean says:

    Great video as always thanks xx

  13. jas hall says:

    Your hot x

  14. jas hall says:

    Your hot x

  15. EssentialSoap says:

    had to redo this video due to issues with my friends job… this one the
    same just cut some parts about his job

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