How to make Essential Oils

How to make your own Lilac Essential Oil How to make Febreze: How to make Body Wash:…

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24 Responses to “How to make Essential Oils”

  1. RepublicCommando8015 says:

    This ISN’T an essential oil. This is an infusion. 

  2. Anne Davies says:

    Nice video on how to make Infused Oil and not Essential Oils. The title of
    this video is misleading.

  3. Mary Patterson says:

    Interesting, but I don’t think this is an essential oil. This is more of a
    flower essence, which is still nice, but it’s not an essential oil.

  4. JerseyisNaked1 says:

    Don’t you need vodka to make essential oils? It has to sit for days in
    order to get a few ounces. Its a process to get the essential oils. 

  5. This Organic Life says:

    THIS IS NOT ESSENTIAL OIL. She is teaching how to make an herb-infused
    oil. This isn’t the same as essential oil. Essential oil extracts the
    oils from the plant. Herbal oil marinates the plant in oil for a while and
    then strains the plant – she did the latter – make herbal oil rather than
    essential oil.

  6. Alejandro Segurado Luchsinger says:

    Hello!! first of all you might know that this process is not the right one
    to make an essential oil, actually you are preparing a macerated, that even
    if it contents the plant essential oils (apart of other compounds) is not
    as potent as the essential oil. Second there are two ways to do it properly
    one putting the herbs in the oil and then put the mixture into a water bath
    for approximately 1-3 hours and then filtrate it or the one that i prefer
    most (because there is no risk of damage termosensible compounds by heating
    them…) is putting the herbs in the oil and storage them for at least 6
    months (and then of course filtrate it). Third i would like to recomend
    that before posting” video, well you inform yourself properly about the
    real names and the methodology, because everyone can post bully shit on
    youtube but i really consider that this kind of educational videos should
    have accurate information, otherwise you are cheating the people. In any
    case it is really nice that you share the information and your knowledge
    with others and i really respect that. Kind Regards!!! :)

  7. hakime666 says:

    love your video but can I do these same steps when trying to make lemon
    essential oil

  8. Dee D says:

    I am going to try this soon. Lavender, lilac. The one is like best,

  9. Akasha Ofthenile says:

    That isn’t essential oil, it’s infused oil, big difference

  10. Abigail F. says:

    Your title needs be changed! You are making an oil infusion.

  11. Mrhycannon says:

    This is scented oil not essential oil..

  12. Ya'aqob Ariel Uriyah says:

    Todah…….I will try lavender and roses. Please do more videos. 

  13. Kelly M Taylor says:

    I have to agree with the others here, this is not the way to make essential

  14. doctorbea says:

    1 ounce of essential oil will always be more expensive than cooking plant
    materials in 16 ounces of grape seed oil, because cooking plants in oil is
    technically an infusion. This is comparing apples to oranges.

    That bit of plant/flower material you put into the pot would only yield a
    few drops of pure/true essential oil.

    For you to come up with a whole ounce of a true essential oil, you would
    need to steam distill a great deal of your garden resources. Then you would
    see why a company has to charge more than grape seed oil for a medicinal

    I hope this video hasn’t turned too many people away from buying quality
    essential oils, under such false pretenses. 

  15. Beth Moreland says:

    don’t want to be a total douche, but if you make all these different kinds
    of things, why do you own store bought name brands? looks like dial in your
    automatic dispenser by the sink and that looks like nivea lotion. I get
    that this video is not for soap and lotion, but you obviously have the
    essentials to make them, but you don’t use your own product?

  16. Kali MA says:

    Honey, this is a great video but this is not essential oil. This is call
    herbal infuse oil. That why the little bottle you buy is 16 dollars.They
    use 10 times the amount of lilac do get that strong oil. 

  17. StarrTrekn says:

    This isn’t making essential oil. This is making a lilac INFUSED grape seed
    oil. Big difference. Nice video to show but the terminology should be
    corrected. :-)

  18. MsMaryJaneGrrl says:

    This video is not titled correctly. This is not essential oil, this is an
    attempt at an infused oil. And this is not the proper way to do an infusion
    either. Why is she sauteing her lilac?!? Horribly misleading in her choice
    of words and just a terrible, terrible waste of lilacs.

  19. alexandisiu says:

    A great video and easy to follow. This may be a stupid question, but what
    do you use all these essential oils or infusions for?

  20. Dora Suman says:

    Love your garden!! <3

  21. Dorothy Kam says:

    Her backyard is so pretty!!!!!!!

  22. Emily Kelbell says:

    Wow that looks so easy!! You did a great job!! It will save me so much
    money doing it myself now! I alwaysvwanted too but thought I needed special
    tools but you just used a pan! Awesome! Thanks for showing me how to do it
    now! are all herbs and rose petals and vanilla all the same cooking time
    and temperature about? This is so exciting! Thanks, I love your garden

  23. Kim Sophie Hei says:

    the process is so long though I mean you need to have a lot of time to do
    this process because you definitly cant leave the house with the stove on.
    But I mean I think its a good way to make infused oil and she also said at
    the beginning that its more like an infused oil that essential oil but wow
    thtas really easy if only you could speed up the process!!!!!!

  24. Zeljko Jelaca says:

    what you use this oil for ?food or skin care???thanks

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