How to grow nails faster! DIY NAIL BALM

MEASUREMENTS 2 oz Shea Butter 3 TBS Olive Oil Few drops of essential oil ( I’ve used grapefruit)
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19 Responses to “How to grow nails faster! DIY NAIL BALM”

  1. Maddy Cutrone says:

    Can I use any essential oil? Or does it have to be grapefruit?

  2. Anna Hernandez says:

    Hi where can I find these ingredients?

  3. black90210s says:

    can i sub the shea butter with coconut oil?

  4. Cosmina Popescu says:

    can I use it even when I have nail polish on my nails?

  5. BeautyFoodTips says:

    Great diy! you can keep the balm also outside the fridge, it has a long
    shelf life as it only involves fatty ingredients. Vitamin E and castor oil
    are also awesome for healthy looking nails. If you’ve got yellow nails,
    lemon essential oil will work wonders 😉

  6. Jojo S says:

    i wish i could :// but im not allowed to buy stuff online anymore ughhh

  7. Maria AllwaysGrumpy says:

    Great Video. Thank u. Keep up the good work. Where do u buy all ur products?

  8. Jojo S says:

    idk where to get any of those things in my country except for the olive oil

  9. Maria AllwaysGrumpy says:

    Great video thank u.

  10. Maria AllwaysGrumpy says:

    Love ur New Design!

  11. AllNatural28 says:

    Thanks! Glad you like it! 🙂

  12. Brooke Taylor says:

    How effective is this ? How much with my nails grow ?

  13. o0LoveLove0o says:

    I wanna c u

  14. AllNatural28 says:

    You can always order them online! There’s plenty of online stores that sell
    these items and ship around the world 🙂

  15. Mominaodiji says:

    Could I also use this on my lips? I don’t think I’d need too much for my
    nails so I’d like use up any extra

  16. xxLpsProductionsxx says:

    I can’t buy stuff online :((((

  17. AllNatural28 says:

    at local natural shops and online 🙂

  18. Quinn Craft says:

    Forth comment

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