How to Extract Essential Oils from Mint and other Herbs

Here is the distillation process used for extracting natural essential oils from plants like Spearmint. The oils are used for soap and other recipes. I am us…
Video Rating: 5 / 5 Learn how to make herbal infused oils that you can use for herbal salve, lip balm recipes, or by itself as an herb oil. In …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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42 Responses to “How to Extract Essential Oils from Mint and other Herbs”

  1. Suz Mc says:

    Thank you this was great!

  2. Drunken Metalworker says:

    Could you buy this “kit” complete or is it something you put together? And
    could you put chopped chili peppers in there and get chili oil to use in
    cooking? Very nice video, btw. Really appreciate you taking the time and
    showing us how to be more self substaned!

  3. Daniel Schultz says:

    do you have a link to where i can buy one of those distillers? I would
    love to try this.

  4. WITZEL SP says:

    have you ever tried to extract oils from roses or cinnamon?

  5. Vincent Rodriguez says:

    Mad scientist! …nice vid… I believe most essential oils on the market
    are non-organic and of GM crops and then oils extracted using chemicals,
    since this would be the most profitable way to do things the big boy way.

  6. Tim Brown says:

    That’s a dandy little distiller that you guys have…I may just have to
    procure one for myself! Nice work!

  7. MinecraftNerd0816 says:

    That’s cool :)

  8. Ed Weibe says:

    quite the chemist there. I want to try this but I might attract some
    unwanted attention. LOL
    . Now can we take advantage of the fact oil floats on water?
    nevermind. at 5:40 you are doing it.
    oh ok. Your the guy who did the gold recovery stuff. yes. you ARE quite
    the chemist. good stuff.

  9. Gloria Maria Ortega says:

    way cool !! I never knew how essential oils were extracted

  10. Jason Ellis says:

    Could you please provide the info on where & how to get one…thx.

  11. Juanelo1946 says:

    This is an amazing configuration! Of course, you’ve been knocking my socks
    off with elaborate devices video after video! Fascinating stuff! Great

  12. cecil6711 says:

    That is excellent.
    I look forward to the soap making videos. :-)

  13. wallace vivian says:

    good stuff

  14. Auntie M says:


  15. Daniel Schultz says:

    That is awesome!! I always wondered how that was done.

  16. Mark Saler says:

    If you wrap some fiberglass cloth around your extraction bulb, you will get
    less oil dripping back into the steam generator and get more oil condensing
    faster. Signed aka “The Unknown Chemist” VWR and Fisher have it in rolls.
    I’ve used a darning needle and fiberglass thread to sew it in place. (I
    unraveled it from the cloth.) Aluminum foil works too.

  17. Mountain Rose Herbs says:

    Hi Lisabeth~I am so sorry your project turned out poorly! Coconut oil is
    not really the best oil for doing infusions. I generally use olive oil or
    almond oil~as suggested in the video. Additionally, I have never actually
    tried heating the oils in a crock pot, but I let the oils infuse at room
    temperature for several weeks. If I was going to heat them, I’d probably
    gently warm the olive oil and herb mix and then turn it off and let it
    infuse at room temperature for a few weeks. You’ll also want to make sure
    your herbs are completely covered with oil. I hope this helps and good
    luck on the next project ~Kori

  18. angelight73 says:

    i made fresh rose petals oil but it did not smell like rose at all. i
    thought i left it so long but it was just seven days but it smelled like
    rotten oil…. NOT NICE…. i wonder what i am doing wrong!!!!

  19. Roberta Ajulo says:

    Hey. Did you leave the oils with the herbs in a warm, dry area or in a cool
    place? The oils I see in the store should be kept in a cool, dry area.

  20. andy morrill says:

    Learn how to make herbal infused oils that you can use for herbal salve,
    lip balm recipes, or by itself as an herb oil. In this video we make
    calendula oil by using #calendula with sweet almond oil and #comfreyOil
    #comfrey oil by #infusing comfrey in olive oil. You can use bulk herbs
    from Mountain Rose #herbs for these remedies.

  21. Kre8iviT27 says:

    would castor oil be a good oil to infuse?

  22. Heather Nobbe says:

    why do you prefer a ceramic bowl to metal?

  23. Daca Inaru Taino Fraticelli says:

    HI! great instructional video. Learned alot. Could I use the same process
    with Rosemary? I would like to use it for memory purposes, getting old over
    here, LOL!

  24. MsChaos4 says:

    After straining out the oil, can I add a second batch of herbs to the
    strained oil and repeat the process once more? is that the way to make an
    extra strong medicinal oil?

  25. theewatchman37 says:

    WOW…thank you for sharing….

  26. partysean says:

    What are the uses of it

  27. My Best Veggie Garden says:

    How are you doing. I made a combination infused oil recently with 3
    different herbs. I herbs together. I warmed the olive oil and added the
    herbal combination. I wanted to use this right of way. Anyway the oil came
    out very strong for my skin. Is there a oil I could add to make it milder.
    Do you think the olive oil is what made it so strong. Thanks. Have a great

  28. MAC LOVER says:

    are there any ways to make a herb oil using only water other than adding
    any other oils?

  29. ecmathies says:

    Can you tell me how to make shampoo bar or conditioner bar

  30. Aron J says:

    Hi. I started making candles a few months ago. Could I use this technique
    to make tea infused scented oils for my candles? 

  31. Karrie Kreuziger says:

    was wondering about using fresh herbs. Do I follow the same steps and in
    the video?

  32. Natasha Lindner says:

    Thank you – I will go and do this now 🙂 I have dried lavender and dried
    calendula, and I now plan to extend my herbal garden.

  33. Lee Wilson says:

    Love your videos, and how you teach. I just went to herb mentor and
    joined. I’ve done an aromatherapy course a couple years ago and loved it.
    Herb mentor site looks amazing. I’m so glad I stumbled upon your video
    tonight. 🙂 

  34. Norman Avery says:

    I’m wanting to make dandelion salve for the first time and I’m wondering if
    I can put in some willow with the flowers to add a pain relief for cracked

  35. Emilia B says:

    I just made some German Chamomile this way with the virgin olive oil, but
    the oil is settling at the bottom and the herbs is floating at the top. Can
    you tell me what the problem might be? Now I am concerned cause you said
    the herbs should be under the oil. Thank you

  36. dromymatcher says:

    is this stronger or not compared to making tea from herbs?

  37. borntopraise1 says:

    wonderful tutorial

  38. LARK'S GARDENS says:

    I strained the herbs through the cheese cloth and squeezed every last bit
    from the cloth. I put the infused oil in clean, sterilized jars. Later I
    noticed sediment on the bottom of the jars. Is this still o.k. to use?

  39. Quid est Veritas says:

    Can seeds like black cumin be made into an infusion?

    Thank you, great job with the videos. Good teacher! :)

  40. Aki Okami says:

    Hi! I made a herbal oil with mineral oil and catnip leaves. But I tell you
    the stuff smell TERRIABLE! The leaves were completely covered throughout
    the whole process and I shook the jar everyday. The purpose of the oil is
    to make a mosquito repellant but it smells nothing like catnip. Did the oil
    become too strong? Or is it I should use a oil other than mineral oil? What
    did I do wrong?

  41. Pocket Mouse says:

    Thanks, I’ll check it out.

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