How To Choose Natural Essential Oils

How To Choose Natural Essential Oils
Natural essential oils are of many types. So, the oil you choose depends really on what you aim to achieve by using the oil. Some oils help elevate your mood while others may treat a burn. Unfortunately, there is no specific list which points out the oil that is best for a specific condition. Research is the only way you’re going to purchase high quality natural essential oils.

Natural essential oils may permeate the body in three ways:
* They may be applied on the skin
* They may be inhaled
* They may be ingested

Depending on the way the oils are taken in, their method of application also changes. For instance, natural essential oils may be applied topically using a compress or they may be rubbed in directly. They may be inhaled using a diffuser.

The application method depends on the nature of the oil. For instance, some oils are intense and may therefore irritate the skin if applied topically. These must then be diffused in the air and inhaled.
The desired effect also plays an important role. For example, topical application is best suited for treating wounds. Inhalation can help elevate moods. Adding the oil to bath water can induce relaxation. An experienced aromatherapist is the person to consult if you are not sure about the application process or have any doubts regarding the oil you need to purchase.

The best quality oils are of the first grade. Cheap quality essential oils may be adulterated with cheap fillers that compromise the quality and durability of the oil. Thus, it is important to pay close attention to the list of ingredients on the label of the product you buy. Look for ‘Pure Jasmine Oil’ or ‘Pure Myrrh’.

One must never buy natural essential oils from street shops, fairs etc.

Some people like the idea of buying organically grown essential oils. These are of the purest quality. However, they are also highly expensive.

The extraction process of essential oils also matters. Steam distilled oils are better for the skin as these do not contain any chemicals.

One of the best ways of ensuring high quality is to buy pure essential oils and mix them yourself. However, not everyone can do this. Therefore, the second alternative is to buy essential oils from reputed sellers.

High quality natural essential oils are expensive no doubt. However, if you intend to use these oils for some time, it makes sense to buy one or two oils of the best quality.

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