Hate the Smell of Vinegar? Watch This! Easy Cleaning Hack Idea (Clean My Space)

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25 Responses to “Hate the Smell of Vinegar? Watch This! Easy Cleaning Hack Idea (Clean My Space)”

  1. Christopher Schlumpf says:

    great tips and the porn music is…ummmm causing my mind to wander…

  2. Miss Alaa says:

    I use vinegar to iron my clothes shall I use the same methods ? Or I could
    do something else ? 

  3. carol chretien says:

    The orange peel trick has made me a convert. I use it all the time now and
    am on my second bottle. The third jar is in the making as we speak. Thanks
    for the tip!

  4. Camping Minecrafter says:

    what about oil

  5. Jaslyn Mu says:

    What happens it I spray vinegar everywhere in my bedroom to try get rid of
    a perfume smell and can’t get rid of the vinegar smell now?

  6. qatar fox says:

    The vinegar corrosive the metal , how i use it in sink .

  7. SAVED1288 says:

    Any advice on How to clean natural marble floor and make it shinny .tnx

  8. Me Bee says:

    WOW, filled a jar with vinegar & satsuma peels, left for a couple of days &
    other than the vinegar being a lime colour (lol) it smells so much less
    vinegarish :)

  9. m1lmartin says:

    Could you use herbs like rosemary and basil to the vinegar with or without
    the oranges? Some people have herb gardens and need an additional use for

  10. TengwarSoup says:

    🙂 I’m watching this because I’m on a cleaning video marathon… But I
    guess I’m in luck, because vinegar is one of my favorite scents in the

  11. bluskye101 says:

    that’s a good idea …thanks for the tip! 

  12. itsmedorawhite says:

    if you would like to clean glass (or any other shiny) surface with these
    mixtures won’t it be left oily?

  13. robbiebluck says:

    Done my first wash load with Baking Soda added, the dried clothes so smell

  14. TripleMRocks says:


  15. cinderellalinn says:

    Love this, thanks for sharing! Definitely going to try!!

  16. Angela D says:

    Will lemon and lime peels work as well as orange peels?

  17. Naina Agrawal says:

    Melissa, Is baking soda good for cleaning?

  18. Clean My Space says:

    I just use tap water, we have terrific tap water here!

  19. Barb Desautels says:

    I don’t mind the smell of vingear, I think I am a bit different. Love the
    videos. Can you compare Dyson to Miele for Vacuums. Thanks.

  20. Clean My Space says:

    Health food stores, Whole Foods, I think Bulk Barn carries them sometimes,

  21. v2c23 says:

    If you are using essential oils in with the vinegar, can it still be used
    on mirrors? Or will it streak?

  22. Clean My Space says:

    You are most welcome! It’s nice to have you along 🙂

  23. Carol Crawford says:

    Just tried vinegar/water combo on my kitchen tile floor for the first time.
    What a wonderful job it did.

  24. babalo456 says:

    I thought it said vagina at first lol!

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