Fish Drinks Purification Essential Oil Bathsheba, one of our beta fish loves eating Purification Essential Oil when we put in her fish bowl to clear up the “funky” …

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8 Responses to “Fish Drinks Purification Essential Oil”

  1. vanssweetie says:

    Those bubbles on the top aren’t yuck, it’s normal for a beta, jus
    sayin’….but wow, never thought to put Purification in the fish
    tank…hmmm….there are fish products that have like bay oil in them, so I
    can see it…good to know..

  2. oil2cure says:

    I wasnt even thinking about the plastic.. and I have been doing oils for 2
    years… but whats weird is the tank was holding another fish and she did
    just fine.. she got healthier and he died, I wonder if he was flipping
    about and pumped his head or something and it knocked him out.. Not sure!
    but she is still doing great

  3. tinakjones69 says:

    It’s obvious the fish knows what supporting it’s health!

  4. Rachelle Neveau says:

    I loved that you had popup words. I’m hearing impaired and always love it
    when there are words to read! Thank you! May I ask how you got those words
    in there??

  5. oil2cure says:

    wow thats so cool.. I will try that soon…

  6. oil2cure says:

    Dont do it.. I just killed my fish.. seriously he loved eating the
    purification drops, but in 30 minutes he was laying on the bottem dead, he
    was happy and flipping about, and then he was dead, I thought he was happy,
    apparently he was dying.. my kids are bawling their eyes out.. so sad..
    R.I.P. Patrick.. he was a sapphire blue betta…

  7. Tara Rayburn says:

    Very sorry for your family’s loss. If you read the whole entry above it
    talks about the plastic and using less. Less is more when using essential
    oils especially on animals and children. Using a tiny amount on a toothpick
    has always work fine for us. Again, very sorry for your fish’s experience.

  8. Tara Rayburn says:

    I’ve also repeated the warning in the “about” description so no more
    families go through what your’s did.

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