Essential Oils for Flu Season – *Giveaway Closed*

Learn about viruses and the best essential oils to use during flu season. Giveaway is CLOSED! You don’t often know when you have been exposed to a virus, so …
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9 Responses to “Essential Oils for Flu Season – *Giveaway Closed*”

  1. Maegan Silva says:

    I love this video! So helpful and informative! 

  2. Betsy Smith says:

    I would diffuse it

  3. Liz Tanons says:

    I’m really into the rollerball for the kids’ feet and I’d also try gargling
    at the first sign of a sore throat. :)

  4. Julie C says:

    I would diffuse the oil and put it on my feet.

  5. Randi Sampson says:

    I would diffuse it…especially when there are viruses at my son’s school! 

  6. Tabitha Carman says:

    I’d use it on my kiddos’ feet before heading out to church! And you didn’t
    mention it, but I’d also probably diffuse it as well :)

  7. Cassandra Swanson says:

    Do you have any essential oil advise for helping with spiders and pests?

  8. Hannah Joy says:

    I would use it in the shower or dab it on

  9. Joanna Banana Strawberry says:

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