Essential Oils doTerra for Back to School

Back to School Success with Essential Oils hosted by Melissa Cyr Say goodbye to the free and easy days of summer-school’s…
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Melissa Arteman will teach you what she did to overcome her urinary tract infection using essential oils. To order Oils go to: For more training…

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9 Responses to “Essential Oils doTerra for Back to School”

  1. Christopher Whedon says:

    Oil of oregano is one of my favorite oils since using it to rid myself of
    MRSA where standard antibiotics did NOTHING! I use it for wounds, UTI;s
    even canker sores (dilute with olive oil) it is nothing short of
    amazingwhat we have infront of us to help us!

  2. Corz Illa says:

    guys you can use other oils. this lady works for young living so of course
    she is going to say its the only one to use. Dottera says the same thing. I
    recommend p73 its the only oil backed by clinical trials. No offence
    Melissa just sharing. 

  3. Caitlin Brunner says:

    Hi. Were symptoms completely gone after beginning to take the capsules? Did
    it take you the 4 days to find complete relief? thank you.

  4. Mia Melin says:

    Thank you for posting this, I just got the Oregano oil and I did not have
    the capsules, but I mixed about 10 drops of the Oregano with Olive Oil in a
    small cup, I also took the Azo Cranberry with probiotics, so far I am
    feeling better than I have for the last two days of just drinking Cranberry
    juice!! I’m gonna do this for the next three days of four and hopefully it
    will work for me!! So glad I found this video!! Thanks Again!!

  5. Stephanie Barber says:

    Thank you :)

  6. On a Pale horse says:

    A question: You were cured in 4 days. When did you start feeling relief by
    taking the 2 items? Did you take them more than 4 days?

  7. Melissa Arteman says:

    Hi Nicole, The empty capsules are made of vegetable cellulose, so they are
    safe! Blessings! Melissa FB: Aromatic Oils of the Bible FB: Melissa Arteman

  8. Nicole Kirksey says:

    What are those capsules made of?

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