Essential Oils And Their Benefits

Essential Oils And Their Benefits
Essential oils are distilled from things like roots, trees, plants, shrubs, and flowers. These liquids are often used in aromatherapy to assist the body in healing various ailments, and feeling better. Here are a few of those oils that may be of benefit with things like aromatherapy.


If you have ever been around a sweet basil plant you will remember its pungent aroma. Linalool basil has a lovely scent and is sometimes used as an ingredient in fine perfumes. Some kinds of basil will have scent that resembles camphor. This type of material is used in aroma therapy for refreshing and re-energizing.

Cassia Bark

This product is also known as Chinese cinnamon. You may have some of this type of cinnamon in your spice rack at home. It may be combined with other types of cinnamon to produce a delicate and sweeter aroma. Oil from cinnamon should not be allowed to contact the skin, as it may burn or irritate. This aroma is sometimes used for warming and giving a feeling of comfort.

Red Cedar

Red cedar aroma comes from the juniper tree. This aroma is often used to help relieve stress and feelings of anxiety. The woody scent is said to give one a feeling of strength, also.

German Chamomile

This is sometimes referred to as “blue Chamomile”. When it is processed, the liquid is a deep blue color. However, if you expose it to light, it will slowly turn to brown. This is a very sweet and fragrant odor, and it is often used in some perfumes. Chamomile is used to bring about a calm and relaxing feeling. The tea is said to have a similar effect on the body.


This is a very pungent type of grass that is said to keep mosquitoes away. It has a fresh smell of the outdoors and is used in many household products and candles. This aroma is used to purify and revitalize.


Coriander is probably in your spice rack and has a lovely smell of orange spice. It may be used with other scents like cinnamon and sage, to enhance the effect. It is used in aroma therapy to help one feel better.


There is no mistaking the pungent aroma of eucalyptus. It is often used to help clear the nasal passage and lungs, and may be found in cough drops and topical ointments. It is used to purify and give a feeling of invigoration.


Fennel is often used as a cooking spice. It is a sweet and down to earth type of aroma. It is sometimes used in aroma therapy to bring about a feeling of restoration or wellness.

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