Essential Oil Recipes – Easy to Make!

Essential Oil Recipes - Easy to Make!

Essential Oil Reipes Click here: Click here: …
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7 Responses to “Essential Oil Recipes – Easy to Make!”

  1. Ruth Gauci says:

    Hi how do I make aniseed essential oil and what are the benefits of it

  2. Alan K. Manning says:
  3. CassieAfricanQueen says:

    I want too make an eucalyptus oil spray as a pain reliever for my mom. What
    ratio should I use for sweet almond oil and the eucalyptus essential oil?

  4. stella walker says:

    ok and what is the website to order?? thank you for answering my question?

  5. stella walker says:

    how long does the oil take effect say if I had a headache how long does the
    oil start working

  6. ChiVegas2011 says:

    Hello, I would like to make a room spray that is able to kill germs. It is
    flu season and we have three children, and like to spray down the house. I
    made a spray with essential lemon oil and eucalyptus. I used 8 oz of
    spring water, 20 drops of lemon oil and 15 drops of eucalyptus oil. Are
    these ratios ok? do you have anything else in mind that is good at killing
    germs and viruses? thanks for your help.

  7. TheLotusong says:

    Thanks – that was really nice and will follow some of your suggestions.

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