Essential Depot Haul, Skin Benefits of Essential Oils, Where to buy Essential Oils

Opening my new order from Essential Depot and reading the Skin Benefits of these Essential Oils GO TO MY WEBSITE… USE MY LI…
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17 Responses to “Essential Depot Haul, Skin Benefits of Essential Oils, Where to buy Essential Oils”

  1. 9mccloud says:

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. headtonix says:

    Do you have online store where I can buy soaps and lotions from you

  3. beadpoet says:

    thyme and ginger are great together. When I cook I always use them together
    because the smell and taste together is amazing. They engage each but are
    mellow and balanced together.

  4. kountrysoaps says:

    You got the mother load Kim! I CANT WAIT for your new videos! 🙂 you have
    a bunch of goodies to play with! 🙂 Kelly

  5. mukwah1111 says:

    Urinary incontinance …..peeing your pants ….cystitis ….chronic
    urinary infections….. GREAT EO’s ! Ying Yang sounds amazing.

  6. Tracy Bruring says:

    What a fun haul!!

  7. Julia Giles says:

    Love that Essential Depot, don’t you? Thanks for the tip about the sale
    items, I just got a great big box of lye from them and I can’t wait to try
    it. I’ve used flake lye before, but I’m hoping that the microbeads will be
    a lot less dusty. By the way, you did pronounce “myrtle” correctly–I’m
    sure, because it was my grandmother’s name. Keep those videos coming, I
    look forward to them! 🙂

  8. nellene66 says:

    Have you used the patchouli?

  9. plusbeaus~natuurlijk4u says:

    Great video Kim…as always you’re always so helpfull and explaining and if
    I could I would buy from Essential Depot but I can not…how ever can I buy
    from you and do you ship to me? And if so let me know what it will cost.My
    country is the Netherlands. Happy New Year 2013 our soaping year xox

  10. angelsandfaes says:

    the geranium is strong so you don’t need a bunch of it so it helps with the

  11. blkgirl04 says:


  12. Deb Weston says:

    Ooooh! I can’t wait to see what you do with the essential oils. I can’t
    wait to see you make your creams. Keep the videos coming. Deb

  13. angelsandfaes says:

    anti – roo – matic / helps a progressive form of arthritis. anti – spaz –
    magic / helps muscle spasms. Don’t feel bad even I have a hard a time with
    a lot of these words. I looked up the meanings for us. hugz

  14. pattiduken says:

    Please do a recipe book! Whatever you are doing to lose weight, it’s

  15. ana says:

    Just watched for the very first time. I truly felt like we were having tea
    and chit chatting! I will be attending the soap makers guild conference and
    I hope to see you there! I will be going with my friend Kerri Mixon who
    will be giving speaking at the conference. So hopefully I’ll see you in the

  16. angelsandfaes says:

    I remember how to say psoriasis by thinking – “sow – rye – a – sis”. As if
    I have a sis sowing rye. lol

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