Essential Bath Oil For Children

Essential Bath Oil For Children

Yes, this one fact alone explains why you earn big rewards for domestic management and mastery of all things household: You have learned that each and every family member requires a special blend of essential bath oil. And you have put your knowledge to expert use, rendering all the kids squeaky-clean, and making them feel terrific. You generously have shared wisdom gleaned from long soaks and you wisely do not mention how aromatherapy makes their bath and bedtimes easier for you, too.

Essential bath oil for your baby
Adding gentle and fragrant oils to your baby’s tub gets baby cleaner and takes better care of her delicate skin than just about anything you can buy in the store, and it costs far less, too. Add sweet and happy smelling choices to boost baby’s good spirits while she plays in bubbles that will not sting her eyes. Add those same sweet-cleansing drops to her special shampoo, keeping that distinctive smell of a baby’s precious head and hair just as fresh as all outdoors. When you mix these essences with baby-safe soaps and shampoos you add extra delight to baby’s happiest time of the day, and you assure her bath will protect her against diaper rash and germs.

For your toddler
As your child grows, crawls 100 yards a minute, and then starts pulling herself up and beginning to toddle, she needs lots more protection from all things bumpy. She needs lots of protection against dirt and germs, too. Adding safe, pure, cleansing, anti-bacterial essential oils to your toddler’s tub takes off a whole day’s dirt and grime from busy hands and knees. Essential oils mixed into your toddler’s tub also nourish and refresh her still-tender skin, and they protect her from all kinds of nasty bacteria, viruses, and other hazards lurking in carpets and on floors. Now that your fast-growing little household explorer has begun feeding herself, use those same ones (diluted properly) on her washcloth whenever you wash her face and hands, keeping her sweetly clean and completely germ-free. Dilute them for use in her laundry, too.

For your preschooler
Now that your child is spending a lot more time playing nicely and sharing with others, she gets exposed to lots more dirt and germs. While pediatricians and allergists insist this exposure to the full array of kid-germs provides the best way to build her immunity and toughen her up for all things playground, nevertheless she needs her proper once-daily cleansing. Because she always has loved her tubtime, and because you, too, love tubby-time as your very best play-and-talk time of the entire day, fill her bath with deep-cleansing, skin-nourishing, mood-soothing essential bath oils. More than ever, capitalize on citrus fruits’ deep cleansing and wonderfully sanitizing powers; and add chamomile and lavender to put your darling into the diamond lane for sleepy time.

For your elementary schooler
Your hard-working, hard-playing elementary schooler still loves her evening bath as much as she loves Hannah Montana and all her Disney princesses. Of course, now she takes great pride in doing the complete bath time ritual all for herself. Collaborate with your little scholar, formulating your unique essential bath oil mix according to all her favorites. If your big girl has developed a preference for showers, do not let that discourage you from advanced aromatherapy adventures. Mix her favorite fragrances into shampoo and shower gel for your big girl’s exclusive use and exquisite pleasure.

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