Ep:170 To thee Apple Store!

Ep:170 To thee Apple Store!

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Ep:72 Final day of the green smoothie challenge. Day 7. Part 2.

My husband is in these 2 short films: Made in China: http://youtu.be/bjnBVbrpS3M The Date: http://youtu.be/UrT14XZUXEM My Facebook page: https://m.facebook.c…

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11 Responses to “Ep:170 To thee Apple Store!”

  1. TANNYRAW says:

    i was like , omg you lost a kid hahahahahahahahaha

  2. TANNYRAW says:

    hahahaahah nice monkey Luis ahhahaha

  3. ChrisGoneRaw says:

    ….thats why you gotta call before you go lol I was the same way when I
    played games when I was a kid – completely zoned out

    Haha your husband is too funny..my dad hides out too..maybe one day ill
    follow in his footsteps

  4. Erin Is Healthy says:

    I use to hide from my family and go in sit in the RV or the tree house.
    Sometimes it just has to happen so we can clear the mechanism. I thought he
    was monkey meditating LOL You have a great family and sweet life.

  5. FruityFoodie says:

    I had a hide out in my closet when I was in middle school lmao It was so I
    could stay up late & talk on the phone

  6. The Veggie Nut says:

    Awesome news about your stomach! I really need to try one of those raw

  7. High Raw Heather says:

    Jenny, that’s great about the spicy foods not giving you a problem. I
    can’t wait for tomorrow’s video to see your results!

  8. Gylfie09 says:

    I enjoy your see you later closing :).

  9. Jœ Tristan says:

    Thanks for the love!!! You ROCK!!!

  10. hot chocolate fitness says:

    great to hear you can have spicy food.love your channel keep up the amazing
    work :)

  11. Vegan Negress says:

    Congrats on the tummy issue 

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