Ep:157 What I eat Wednesday. 8-13-14

Ep:157 What I eat Wednesday. 8-13-14

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11 Responses to “Ep:157 What I eat Wednesday. 8-13-14”

  1. Maple Blondie says:

    Love all the colors!! I don’t even like pickles, but they actually looked
    mouth-watering here.. Yummm!!

  2. The Vegan Corner says:

    You always eat great food 😀 Would you invite me for dinner please?

  3. Erin Is Healthy says:

    Love this type of video, short sweet and gets the info out there. It all
    looked really great!

  4. Our conscious Life says:

    Looks delicious :)

  5. TANNYRAW says:

    when one vacation falls through something better comes along , love you ,
    ah i see you watching me , i said AHHHHHHHHH THATS ME HAHAHAH

  6. MangoCity says:

    Keep ya head up Jenny. I’m sure u and your hubster can thing of a way to
    still get away even if it’s for less time. And mix in a day-cation. Maybe
    camping. I’ve never done that and I wouldn’t want you to have a run in with
    a wild she-bear so don’t do that unless u know how to. Lol congrats on your
    progress. Face tooling slimmer and u have a raw glow.

  7. Plant-Based Heather says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your vacation plans. Hope G feels better soon!

    My kids love Minecraft too! That’s great about your energy and weight loss!
    Hope things work out and you’re able to get out of town!

  8. Plant-Based Cheapskate says:

    Well I hope things work out for you guys. If it makes you feel better, you
    do look very radiant today dispite your worries!

  9. MangoCity says:

    Um…looking not tooling. What the world?

  10. Ramona Leigh says:

    I hope everything works out.

  11. The Veggie Nut says:

    Sorry you are having a bad day. I hope everything works out with your
    vacation plans. I never go on vacation. My husband and I went one state
    over and I got home sick, I’m a homebody. Well, I really missed and worried
    about my dog. I am having a real crappy day too, how weird. Things will
    turn around for both of us soon.
    .8 pounds in a week is good! I weighed myself today and I gained 2 pounds,
    lol. Who knows?…I’m only on day 6 and I’m thinking of keeping it going,
    I’m probably going to wind up doing 2 weeks.
    I’m also going to be doing the T25 workout/challenge. So, I’m going to do
    some videos on that soon. Before I begin I will do before and after photos
    and my weight. I am really just looking to tone up after losing a lot of
    weight, I now want to get more muscle and fit. I figure I will do a
    challenge and test out this workout for anyone who is interested. OK, I’m

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