Ep:144 Simple Corn Pasta Recipe.

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6 Responses to “Ep:144 Simple Corn Pasta Recipe.”

  1. FruityFoodie says:

    As far as the dates go, in traditional sauces some people add a pinch of
    sugar to combat the acid of the tomatoes. Now I find when it’s a raw sauce,
    no extra sweetness is required, but when it’s cooked, sometimes it’s a
    benefit. Question: The organic diced tomatoes from Costco, are they not
    salt added? Thanx! 

  2. Dianne RawGirl says:

    Duh you used 2 dates not one… Ok done – have a good night. Went to Oregon
    at 90 outside came home now and it’s 76 but high was 83 today. We like

  3. Dianne RawGirl says:

    Try it once in a small batch just 1 date . It is just like good old days of
    a touch of sugar in moms spaghetti sauce. Not to sweet and no carmel taste-

  4. Elaine Hutton says:

    Is the corn pasta non-GMO? 

  5. Dianne RawGirl says:

    1-2 dates really does make a lovely taste.just saying

  6. GENOMCHAOS says:

    I looked up the pasta on amazon. I think it’s around $37-$40. Was that
    about right? I don’t mind waiting for it to go down if it is supposed to be
    around $25 since I know amazon prices fluctuate.

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