Ep:125 TAG: My Dreams.

Ep:125 TAG: My Dreams.

1) Do you dream? 2) what did you dream about last night? 3) how many dreams do you usually remember? 4) do you have a dream journal? 5) How often do you have nightmares? 6) Do you lucid …

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6 Responses to “Ep:125 TAG: My Dreams.”

  1. The Veggie Nut says:

    I love tag videos! This dream tag is so perfect for me. I have some REAL
    crazy out there dreams, every single night!! I love dreaming. 

  2. TANNYRAW says:


  3. Ramona Leigh says:

    I’m too lazy to make a video because I can’t speak properly because my
    brain bubbles…. lol

    Yes, I dream. I dream every night.
    last night I was walking and walking.
    I can only remember my dream if I walk up slowly.
    I do not journal. I will talk about them to my family.
    I do have nightmares.
    I do have lucid dreams.
    I do dream in colour.
    I sometimes dream as though I’m just watching the dream.
    I have many repeats until I figure out in my waking life why I had the
    i’m having deja vu right now. lol
    I daydream when I meditate.

    sorry about spelling colour wrong. it was how they taught me in school. ;o)

  4. ChrisGoneRaw says:

    Thanks for the shout out 🙂

    And thats a crazy dream with your back and everything. I dreamed last night
    that I was looking out of my window and saw Michael Myers from Halloween
    like in the movie…so scary

  5. Li-San Loves says:

    Apparently, if you try to remember what you dreamed you’ll have a better
    chance of remembering. If I do try to remember my dream a few nights in a
    row, they become more vivid too.

  6. ChrisGoneRaw says:

    And i wish i had a dream of TVO..love that man!

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