Doterra Seizure Video | Doterra Essential Oils | Lisa Kramer’s Testimonial | (video produced by Listen how Doterra’s Essential Oils help Lisa Kramer’s little girl Farrah over came br…

Are you new to the world of essential oils and ready to explore how you can use them in your home? Join Diamond Wellness Advocate Katie Glasgow for this intr…
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25 Responses to “Doterra Seizure Video | Doterra Essential Oils | Lisa Kramer’s Testimonial |”

  1. Abby Eltie says:

    I can honestly say, with a whole heart, that these essential oils are a god
    sent. From a person who has terrible anxiety, and psychogenic seizures
    (similar to the little girl but without the breathing spells), I can say
    they helped me more than any doctor can. For those interested: I use cheer
    up buttercup (not a Doterra blend) for depression and anxiety, wild orange
    (doterra) for anxiety, lavender (which can be found at almost any oil shop)
    for sleep, clove for headaches, and so much more. There is no medications
    for mimic epilepsy, only therapy and hope. It upsets me when people suggest
    EO’s are a hoax, and though they haven’t had much research, they do work.

  2. ellamae says:

    Oh my goodness, what you are saying happened to my little girl (now 6) when
    she was 2, 3. She fainted in my arms 2 times. I was so freaked out. I
    didn’t know what was happening. She’s fine now. Have used oregano oil on
    my daughters’ for colds on their feet. Very cute little girl you have.

  3. Jess Goldstein says:

    Not quackery, the oils are potent, medicinal quality that are plant based.
    There are tons of testimonials that they work.

  4. kaylee lyons says:

    God bless this child we have you to thank for this using your herbs and
    soil and everything natural u have blessed us with

  5. Emma Poe says:

    what an amazing testimony god bless her n you all I love my oils

  6. Mary Jane Gilbert says:

    My son, my dad, mom, sister, aunt, fiance, and myself all have a form of
    alpha 1. With my son and myself being the worst (ZZ) Im not really
    interested in doTERRa however I am interested to see if young living EO
    will have the same benifit. Everyone of us has lung disease in different
    stages except my son who has liver disease. Myself and my dad have both
    liver and lung. My son is 5 months old. By 2 months he had already had a
    liver biopsy, HIDA scan which showed no secretion of the dye, spinal tap,
    xrays ultrasounds. He is on 4 diff meds and vitamins for his alpha 1. Im
    glad to see that EO have helped your daughter out tremendously. Keep up the
    good work! I hope we can get a good result from it too!

  7. Marley Moopley says:

    There’s no legitimate double-blind medical research that any of this does

  8. EveryDayLife with Autism says:

    Doterra Seizure Video | Doterra Essential Oils | Lisa Kramer’s Testimoni…

  9. Matthew Rupert says:

    It is so sad that people fall for quackery, risking a child’s life while
    pursuing scams.

  10. Greg Dale says:

    I bet she was vaccinated. So glad she’s better.

  11. Ally Senterfitt says:

    You said you took her off the laxatives. Have you had testing of her liver
    function since using the essential oils?

  12. Bob Harty says:

    Excellent short film about a great result using essential oils! I’m happy
    for the little girl and her family.

  13. owningyourfinances says:

    Very cool, that’s inspiring! Natural solutions come from natural products.

  14. ishtarthestar says:

    This nervousness is like the kids that undergo crying and kicking
    everything while having mercury, aluminum and all those ingredients from
    vaccines that were poured in their little bodies. This is so obvious.

  15. ishtarthestar says:

    Vaccines, people. Vaccines are doing that. Every problem that you have with
    your kid, ask yourself what was the last vaccine or medication after which
    the kid started having problems. Cannabis oil and oils are our way to heal

  16. analucyarte says:

    My baby is 10 months and has this problem, but sometimes he has also
    convulsive seizures after the non breathing, we are desperate we live in
    Czech Republic and after 2 months we don´t have any diagnose, is not
    epilepsy but they can´t confirm anymore that is the breath holding spell,
    so we are without diagnose and treatment, where can we get this oils?

  17. Cindi Clark says:

    Thank you for sharing your very powerful testimony! I’m so excited that
    your baby girl is doing so well. It’s awesome that Sarah’s symptoms have
    greatly reduced or disappeared! Have you had her retested to find out if
    she still has the same diagnosis that she had previously or if that has
    changed, as well? I’m just curious if the oils changed the sources, as
    well as the symptoms. God bless you and your sweet family!

  18. Sally Kaiser says:

    Thank you for sharing! This is stunning and a wonderful insight!

  19. thats rite says:

    🙂 Amazing 🙂 

  20. Lisa Cramer says:

    I am happy to say Farrah is still doing very well. She has now gone a year
    since her last spell!! Recently we found out that a study showed that
    children with BHS have a maturational delay in the myelination the brain
    stem, for a condition that has had no answers at all this news has caught
    attention to more physicians to search for answers 🙂
    Although we have escaped the spells she still battles other effects from
    the BHS. We still use the oils and they continue to help her!!
    Her alpha-1 has stayed in check for just about a year also, she sees her
    specialist in a few weeks to see where she stands with that.
    I appreciate all the kind words towards Farrah’s story. She is a strong,
    healthy, beautiful 3 year today we could not be more grateful for these

    David- I am sorry you did not like the video. I felt the need to share our
    story in hopes to reach others and since posting I have been able to speak
    with so many others with children who have BHS and are looking for help and
    support, so I see this video as a success .

  21. Ashley Pugh says:

    Wow, thank you for sharing your story.

    So interesting to hear about Alpha-1, it’s rare but my mom has alpha-1. 

  22. Brenda Sissel says:

    Thanks for sharing this great testimony of DoTerra. I have gotten off all
    my prescriptions over 3 years ago because of these awesome oils!

  23. AshnKksmom2 says:

    Such a heart warming story. I am so glad that you and your family are able
    to get such relief from these oils. I hope that she will continue to grow
    and stay healthy.

  24. Charmaine Puaa-Cox says:

    Lisa, how is she doing now?

  25. MsMich710 says:

    I don’t know who tells you to apply the oils but you don’t touch the bottle
    to their feet!! 

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