Doterra Essential Oils Explained – So many people are talking about Doterra Essential Oils these days and sharing the near miraculous e…

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25 Responses to “Doterra Essential Oils Explained”

  1. Mike Lausterer says:

    Obviously theses oils are diluted because I do not understand that a
    company would tell people to place certain essential oils “neat” on the
    skin without proper dilution. This is misinformation, just like the CPTG.
    There are no US government agencies that regulate nor have grading
    criteria in place for this industry, hence the trademark after CPTG.

  2. Rebecca Fox says:

    thanks for sharing

  3. Judy Palankay says:

    Great video and thanks for sharing. Love the kids sharing idea. Kids love
    the oils too. They are beautiful oils.

  4. Sheri Keyeski says:

    Great video, short and to the point–I love real testimonies! Thank you! 

  5. Duantuideguaiwu says:

    Massive load of horse shit.

  6. Hanna Williams says:

    I love doTERRA essential oils!

  7. Linda Swaney says:

    your video makes me want to learn more.

  8. Chris Laprath says:

    The POWER of essential oils explained!

  9. Kathleen Johnson says:

    I want to learn more! Do you?

  10. Chris Laprath says:

    The POWER of essential oils explained!

  11. Linda Swaney says:

    A very good introduction to the essential oils.

  12. Val McCauley says:

    I thought this was a great video put together about doTerra oils.

  13. Lisa Luke says:

    The POWER of essential oils explained!

  14. hamace says:

    what does LLV mean?

  15. E Peterson says:

    Life Long Vitality. pack… it is amazing

  16. Thomas Glazebrook says:

    these oils really are miracles in a bottle and they really do help so so
    much with so much in life and they really are amazing

  17. michelle adamson says:

    Love the 2 little guys at the start of this. Adorable! Eo’s are working
    amazingly well for me. Thx, Jen Ig!!

  18. kitten11645 says:

    Where do I get this?

  19. Pamela Johnson says:

    Been using LLV since March 2012 and LOVE it. Want to go to convention but
    until DoTerra can pay for it I’ll just keep using their/our products. LOVE
    this company. Their commitment to excellence and the way they treat their
    IPC’s, Members and customers is off the chain and that is such a blessing.

  20. Sharla Snow says:

    Well done!

  21. Jennifer Thomas says:

    LOVE this video! -Natural Pharmgirl

  22. Donna Saffren says:

    WONDERFUL! My experience too.

  23. mommalef says:

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