DoTerra Essential Oils Dr Winterton Presentation Orthopedic Surgeon

DoTerra Essential Oils Dr Winterton Presentation Orthopedic Surgeon

Do you want to know what a Dr has to say about doTERRA Essential Oils? Do you wonder if there are doctors that are using essential oils in their practice? Ar…
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12 Responses to “DoTerra Essential Oils Dr Winterton Presentation Orthopedic Surgeon”

  1. Cynthia Rae Eastman says:

    Children should not have been allowed at this lecture – good grief!!! Dr.
    Winterton’s presentation was so important & the noises and whispering in
    the background really take away from the professionalism. Can’t this video
    be cleaned up so that it can be shared? 

  2. Jim Cornehls says:

    It’s a shame that an organization as large as doTerra cannot arrange for a
    recorded talk that has clear sound. From bad sound it goes to no sound and
    then to crying babies in the background. Horrible!

  3. Pamela Johnson says:

    I could make out a lot of what he said but it was very frustrating and hard
    to stay focused 🙁 

  4. Mary Ann Wettstein-Stoothoff says:

    For pity sake! The background noise made this wonderful lecture basically
    I’m sorry but very frustrating.

  5. Patti Byrne Walker says:

    Is there anyway to clean out that background noise? Very distracting and
    frustrating. I would have like to just focus on what the Doctor was

  6. Audrey Saunders says:

    Information awesome, but the talking in the back was distracting. I wanted
    to listen for my friend who has lung and bone cancer.

  7. Lucy Williamson says:

    dont like all the stuff in the back ground! hard to hear but if the all is
    ture i need to try on my self.

  8. Lucy Williamson says:

    mic should be turn to him if you look were it at!

  9. Pat Carpenter says:

    so informative ! 

  10. Julie Cerrone says:

    the background noise does suck BUT this is a GREAT talk. I thoroughly
    enjoyed his presentation and would LOVE to pick his brain on which oils I
    should for my knee problem!

  11. Anna M says:

    Even with annoying noise in the background, great video to have! Thank you
    for posting!

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