Does the Blending Order of Essential Oils Matter?

EO Myth #13 debunked by EOU – Many people seem to believe that the order of blending essential oils matters. We did this quick experiment to show that this p…

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8 Responses to “Does the Blending Order of Essential Oils Matter?”

  1. Iam1uglyguy says:

    I have always wondered about this, but you only changed one piece of the
    puzzle around. Would the same result happen for ALL oils when mixed even in
    greater number and more varied types?Not questioning you, just wondering,
    as I am new to all of this and wanting to learn. Much like you can change
    the outcome of a dish when cooking or baking on how and when you add the
    ingredients. Wondering if you just mixed up ones that might not matter as
    much about their order into the mix. Hope that makes sense. 

  2. Beth Acker says:

    Dr. Pappas, I am a fan of yours, and appreciate your myth busting,
    However, in my opinion, blending order (they way we do it) certainly does
    matter. It is basic chemistry. You are using a digital scale, and using
    EXACTLY the same amounts of each oil. When using drops (or pipette) you do
    not have enough control. Also, most “recipes” are not using the same amount
    of drops. Combine two ingredients together, and you get a chemical bond.
    The bonding changes depending upon how the ingredients are combined.
    Although I GREATLY respect you, I think it this case the video causes more
    dis-information than help because blending as you are doing it is not
    “real-world” for those of us doing home remedies.

  3. Adrienne Cox says:

    Results are not surprising, but where did you find the song. Love it!

  4. von551 says:

    Is it importand to let the oils “rest” after blending for 24 hours or so to
    “synergize” before using?

  5. Maggie Dubois says:

    Thank you for this. I know it was asked on the facebook page and hasn’t
    been addressed yet, but is the composition affected if blended? can you
    affect the individual chemical constituents by blending them with others? 

  6. Precious Oils says:

    Hip, Hip, Hooray, Dr. Pappas for this video. I’ve had a number of clients
    who have been instructed (by mlm’s) that you must follow the exact order of
    essential oils you put in a blend, and that you can’t change the order. I
    tell them that is “poppycock” and to use the recommended recipe and who
    cares if essential oil “A” isn’t the first, it can be the last. I’m
    bookmarking this video and once again am grateful for every amount of
    energy that you continually provide to be ethical, honest with the top
    notch integrity in everything that you do in our industry.

  7. Cari nN says:

    This is great, thank you :)

  8. Laura S says:

    LOL. I just add drops to my FCO. I don’t measure by weight. A certain
    number of drops equates to % of mixture. 

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