DIY Essential Oil Diffuser | DIY Friday

DIY Essential Oil Diffuser | DIY Friday

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19 Responses to “DIY Essential Oil Diffuser | DIY Friday”

  1. lovedraddil says:

    Hi all! Need you advice – I tried to mix a few perfume oil drops with an
    equal amount of WATER? And it DOESN’T give any smell, though. Very
    upset. Do I need only oil then? I know am asking a silly question but
    only because this reed thing is completely new to me. Thanks a lot.

  2. Albert Sellaman says:


  3. Junay Domingo says:

    can i use hair argan oil or baby oil?

  4. Ashley Velez says:

    did the scent get stronger? how long did the smell last? thanks for

  5. digitaldiva says:

    Great video super helpful!

  6. Sandy Reeves says:

    Can’t wait to give this a try!

  7. flourishxo says:

    Hope you like!!! Steph xo

  8. LikeMercury58 says:


  9. flourishxo says:

    Super easy! Don’t be afraid to use a lot of essential oils! I also read
    that a teaspoon or so of 99.9% rubbing alcohol will hill help the oils
    travel up the reeds faster…haven’t tried that yet but I may. Kisses!!
    Steph xo

  10. flourishxo says:

    Hope you enjoy it! Steph xo

  11. flourishxo says:

    hahahahaha…and yes peppermint!!!!!

  12. MrKongsMom says:

    You my friend are a freakin’ genius. I NEVER thought to do this! So
    smart…. and fun…. and mostly easy 🙂 Hugs!!!!

  13. LikeMercury58 says:

    Peppermint ones would be find for Christmas!

  14. susanreedy29 says:

    Wow, this looks like a craft I might actually be able to do! I love
    lavender and also lemon or citrus. I’m “crafty” with food, but not so much
    with regular crafts. I once hot glued some of my hair to a wreath I was
    trying to make. Lol! Lesson for the day, pull back long hair when using a
    glue gun!

  15. TruelyABlonde says:

    I love your videos so much!!!(: I, new to your channel and I subscribed and
    I’ve already watched like 8 of your videos!(: I also have a beauty channel
    and I’d love it if you check it out!(:

  16. flourishxo says:

    Thanks for watching!! Steph xo

  17. jane lai says:

    Eye poker.. Haha!! Funny.. That is super easy.. Thank u for sharing..

  18. flourishxo says:

    Ha!! It really is easy! and no glue involved 😉 Hope it works well for ya!
    Steph xo

  19. LikeMercury58 says:

    and by find, I mean fun. Okay. I’ll stop talking now.

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