Clove oil: the health and aromatherapy benefits of clove essential oil

Clove oil: the health and aromatherapy benefits of clove essential oil


Clove oil from the buds, leaves, and stems of the Szygium aromaticum tree, and cloves themselves, were one of probably the most useful commodities available on the market. This expensive and powerful essential oil was utilized for several various purposes, which includes lifting the mood and treating aches and pains. Cloves themselves had been widely-used in cooking, and to help preserve food. The aromatherapy oils from each unique component of the clove tree are slightly distinctive in scent and consistency, but they all commonly have a warm, woody smell that may be slightly bitter. Today, essentially the most successful and expensive clove oil comes from the buds of the clove tree, but the oil distilled from the leaves and stems is also quite beneficial in clove oil natural medicine, aromatherapy massages and aromatherapy merchandise.

This article is about the history and modern-day use of cloves, in cookery, medicine, and aromatherapy.

Botanical drawing of cloves and the clove plant, from Köhler 1887 book on medicinal plants.

Cloves in cooking, historically and now

Cloves and clove oils had been when widely used inside the culinary arts. Today this isn’t unheard of, however it is slightly much less widespread. One old-fashioned and lovely use for dried cloves entails pressing the sharp buds into an orange, forming a lovely patterned decoration and melding two of essentially the most terrific scents. Clove and orange decorations had been traditionally made about Christmas. The oranges maintain for a surprisingly lengthy time, partially mainly because clove oil is antifungal and antibacterial, slowing the biological breakdown of the orange. The use of cloves in cooking was especially common with pork dishes, and in cooked apple recipes. Continuing the Christmas theme, whole roasted pig at Christmas was usually studded with cloves just before it was cooked, to ensure that the smells mingled.

Clove oil in aromatherapy

In an aromatherapy diffuser or vaporiser, clove oil can relieve anxiety and tension, and it can act as an aphrodisiac. Due to the fact clove oil is so powerful, it need to even be utilised sparingly in an aromatherapy diffuser; just a couple of drops is going to be sufficient to spread an entire room with a warm, stress-relieving scent. When you need to study for a major test or presentation, look at making use of clove oil, as it can strengthen concentration and memory. Because clove essential oil relieves tension, it can be typically employed in natural treatment of stress-related insomnia. In aromatherapy massage, clove is used in de-stressing and muscle-relaxing blends for massage.

Clove oil blends with other essential oils

Clove oil blends nicely with citronella oil, grapefruit oil, lemon oil, orange oil, peppermint oil, rosemary oil, and rose oil.

Treating toothache with oil of cloves

Cloves are fantastic for dental complaints, and clove essential oil is in fact used these days in commercial toothpaste along with other dental preparations. Clove oil not just leaves the mouth feeling fresh, but it also fights infection inside the teeth and relieves toothache pain. To make use of clove essential oil in the relief of tooth aches, dilute just one or two drops in a teaspoon of carrier oil and rub it on the affected region. Under the direction of a great aromatherapist, this remedy is often applied on teething, fussy babies, but don’t use it unless directed, as clove essential oil is pretty powerful and potent and might cause burning of the skin unless used in a diluted form. Clove essential oil may also be applied in a very diluted form – much less than 1% clove oil inside the total composition – as a mouthwash which will help remove tooth aches, gum illnesses, and poor breath.

Health benefits and medical uses of clove oil

Because clove essential oil is warming and increases the circulation within the body and clove oil care skin , it can help relieve the pain of sore joints and muscles. For this purpose. use clove oil in quite little amounts in a creamy lotion or carrier oil; use the mixture throughout a friction massage to work it into the skin and to help manually increase heat within the body. As an option, put some drops of clove essential oil in a hot bath and soak for a whilst; the clove oil will slowly soak into the skin, increasing circulation to loosen up muscles and help the bloodstream carry away harmful toxins that boost soreness and discomfort. Clove essential oil is also a powerful antibacterial and antifungal substance, valuable in fighting internal and external infection.

A answer of clove oil plus a base oil rubbed into wounds can help them heal extra speedily and will also get rid of a number of the risk of infection that comes with skin wounds. Clove essential oil and apple cider vinegar will help get rid of athlete’s foot and similar fungal infections. Also, clove oil is usually utilised under the direction of a qualified aromatherapist or homeopathic practitioner to cure internal infections like colds and the flu. As stated just before, clove essential oil is quite powerful and ought to only be utilised in pretty diluted forms, but even diluted, it should by no means be employed on sensitive skin. Within the digestive program, clove can treat a variety of disorders. Taken internally, it can relieve indigestion and nausea, and it can help a patient keep his meals down, so to speak.

Aromatherapy practitioners will normally suggest clove oil to pregnant ladies who struggle with morning sickness or vomiting soon after meals. Other people recommend avoiding it in pregnancy, and that’s the course I’d recommend, it’s not worth any risk there might be.

Clove oil is also a good remedy for flatulence, hiccups, and motion sickness.

Besides all this, clove oil can cure respiratory complaints, headaches, and skin challenges. It regulates the blood sugar, so it truly is great for diabetics, and it boosts the immune method, producing it a most beneficial oil in the course of cold and flu seasons.


Clove oil natural medicine, aromatherapy massages and aromatherapy merchandise.

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