Benefits of using Essential Oils and Natural Clove Essential Oils

Benefits of using Essential Oils and Natural Clove Essential Oils

Clove essential oil is obtained from Eugenia caryophyllata of the Myrtaceae family. Clove oil is one of the powerful oils with many wonderful properties that make it useful in various fields. Clove oil has many medicinal uses, from stimulating mind to curing indigestion, respiratory problems and arthritis.

Clove oil is extracted from leaves, stem and buds. It is used to cure tooth ache and prevent contagious diseases, due to antiseptic properties. It is used in manufacturing of perfumes, dental products and insect repellents. It has analgesic, anti-neuralgic, anti-infectious, stimulant, carminative, uterine and tonic properties.

The major components of clove oil are eugenol, eugenol acetate, iso-eugenol and caryophyllene.

Clove essential oil is used in acnes, burns, cuts, etc. it also acts as a pain reliever. As a result, it is used in mouth sores, arthritis, toothache and rheumatism.

It also cures digestive disorders and is believed to be quite effective in spasm, vomiting, diarrhoea and flatulence. The benefits of clove oils are widely spread, including relief from respiratory problems, such as asthma, tuberculosis, etc. It’s disinfecting property help in preventing contagious diseases.

Few drops of clove oil if applied on cotton ball and placed in a linen cupboard would not only spread the fragrance around but also will keep moths away.

Skin problems, like skin sores and leg ulcers can be cured with the help of this oil. Clove oil is useful in kicking out depression and strengthening memory and fighting weakness. It also reduces tiredness in a human body.

Clove oil can be used to massage different body parts in curing discomfort due to chills, muscular numbness, spasm, arthritis, rheumatism and diarrhoea.  This oil has also find place in creams and lotion and is helpful in sorting out skin sores. Several mouthwashes also include a small percent of clove oil, as it keeps infecting germs at bay and helps in treating toothache. Clove oil can also be blended with basil, cinnamon, ginger, lavender, etc and used in varied forms.

Thus, Clove essential oil offers myriad of benefits to human beings, because of its medicinal properties that help in treating various body disorders.

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