Benefits of Fish Oil Supplements

Benefits of Fish Oil Supplements

Scientific studies indicate that the health benefits of fish oil supplements are due primarily to the omega3 fatty acids that they contain.  But, when if comes to fighting inflammation and preventing chronic inflammation, there is something else in the natural triglyceride that is important.  You might call it an “X” factor. 

There have only been a few evaluations concerning that X factor, but what they have shown is that the anti-inflammatory activity cannot be explained by the omega3 content alone.  Omega3 fatty acids do down-regulate inflammation.  That’s why it was thought that concentrating the omega3 content through molecular distillation was advisable.

But when scientists compare the anti-inflammatory activity of a concentrated ester to that of a natural triglyceride, which has lower omega3 content, the natural triglycerides have twice the effectiveness of the concentrated ester.  The only problem that a supplement manufacturer must overcome is the issue of purity.

Because of pollution, particularly mercury, in the environment, some health risks are associated with eating too much fish, particularly if it is the same type of fish.  In order to provide the inflammation-fighting benefits of fish oil supplements, without any risk of contamination, a manufacturer must have the triglycerides evaluated for purity.

There are still a few species on the planet with no detectable level of mercury or other pollutants in them.  They are typically small species that swim in very clean, cold water.  The New Zealand hoki is one species that has been evaluated for purity; no detectable level of contaminants was found.

So, it is possible to provide the natural triglyceride and still provide the utmost purity.  But since the natural triglycerides contain a lower concentration of omega3 fatty acids, the better manufacturers combine 500mg of natural oils with 500mg of concentrated ones.  That way, they provide all of the benefits of fish oil supplements, not just the anti-inflammatory activity.

One of the omega3 fatty acids is called DHA or Docosahexaenoic Acid.  One clinical study showed that high intake of DHA lowers blood triglyceride levels by 26%.  Less reduction was seen in groups that took other omega3s. 

Low levels of DHA circulating in the bloodstream have been associated with depression and bipolar disorder.  Studies are ongoing concerning the protection that supplementation provides against Alzheimer’s and age-related dementia. 

To get the benefits of fish oil supplements to the brain, you need a large amount of DHA.  The better brands provide a minimum of 260mg per capsule.  The recommended dose is two capsules per day, which would provide 520mg of DHA. 

Not all manufacturers list the amount of DHA that is in each capsule, probably because they are not required to.  Most will list the amount of total omega3s that is in each capsule.  If the supplement provides very few omega3s, there’s probably not much point in taking it.

A good supplement may reduce your risk of heart disease and certain types of cancer.  According to research, the benefits of fish oil supplements affect every system of the human body.  You might want to learn more about them.  See what supplementation can do for you. 

Lauren Casey is a consumer advocate and a dedicated researcher who has been on a quest to find the best nutritional supplements available. After extensive research, she has found an exceptional nutritional supplement that is now a part of the foundation of her own health program. Visit her website at to discover what she personally recommends and why.

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