Benefits of Essential Vitamins and Minerals

Benefits of Essential Vitamins and Minerals

In our modern world, modern people almost always perform everything in a rush and this includes their health and body conditions. To save on time, most people opted to take multivitamins, which is a mixture of essential vitamins and minerals, without even knowing what these nutrients are and how it can benefit the body.

The following is a brief description of the functions and benefits that people can derive from essential vitamins and minerals. People can avail of discount vitamins and still benefit from what these nutrients can provide. A brief example of where these types of nutrients can be found will also be provided.

The Functions of Essential Vitamins

They are important nutrients which are needed to make the body healthy and strong. Vitamins are organic in nature as they are derived from plants and animal matter. The following describes each essential vitamin and how they can benefit people who take them.

* Vitamin A: promotes growth, enhances the immune system and improves the eyesight. A deficiency in vitamin A can cause skin problems and night blindness. Vitamin A can be obtained from liver, kidney, fish liver oil, and eggs.

* Vitamin D: by controlling the way the body absorbs and excretes calcium, this vitamin is essential in promoting good bone formation. Deformities in the skeleton and bones like Rickets can develop if there is a deficiency in vitamin D. This vitamin can obtained from cod liver oil, eggs, milk, liver and oily fish.

* Vitamin E: a good antioxidant that promotes good blood circulation and reduces scarring from wounds. Vitamin E can be obtained from wheat germ oil, almonds, peanuts and sunflower oil

* Vitamin K: derived from broccoli, eggs, meat and spinach, vitamin K causes blood coagulation during wounds to prevent people from bleeding to death.

* Vitamin C: vitamin C is probably one of the most important as it performs a vital role in forming enzymes and collagens, assists in the absorption of iron, and is a great antioxidant.

* Vitamin B Complex: This complex helps the body produce energy and plays a vital role in the nervous and immune system and aids in the absorption of iron.

The Functions of Essential Minerals

The other half of the essential vitamins and minerals combination deals with minerals. Unlike vitamins, minerals are not organic in nature but are essential in keeping the body healthy. The following provides a brief description of the functions of them.

* Calcium: is vital to the formation of teeth and bones and also by the nervous system. Milk is the primary source although there are several herbal plants and medicines that provide calcium.

* Iron: the formation of red blood cells is made more important by iron. People lacking iron is characterized with anemia and often encounter fatigue and an increase in heart rate.

* Zinc: this mineral enhances the immune function and is essential for growth. People who lacks zinc encounters hair loss, sore throat, diarrhea and delayed growth. Zinc can be obtained from leafy vegetables, meat, and eggs.

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