Badger Focus Balm – Product Video

Badger Focus Balm has a great fragrance of organic essential oils of lemon and rosemary verbenone which help promote clear crisp thoughts and clarity of mind…
Video Rating: 5 / 5 Caroline Jalango shares how high frequency essential oils which are 100% pure, natural therapeutic grade help raise vibration, ac…

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  1. Christian Lightworker says:

    Caroline you wouldn’t believe… I started buying as many essential oils as
    I could have shortly after I began working with crystals as well! It was a
    match made in heaven! I even have my mother hooked on them because Lavender
    helps her to get to sleep and Rosemary has helped her regrow hair that was
    thinning. They are definitely a priceless gift. I have about 22 small
    bottles of oils :)

  2. teenvol flaire says:

    Peace and luv…,Where do you get your essential oils from I would luv to

  3. Daniel Caballero says:

    Such a beautiful golden soul, much love from the valley of California :)

  4. Uriel Firelyte says:

    Dear Caroline, many thanks for this video 🙂 If I may ask you please….By
    any chance, would you happen to have the website of the people that sold
    you the essential oils? Reason being , cause there are 100’s of online
    places where they sell those oils… However, its hard to find something
    very genuine…Now that you have already gotten the best results , that is
    a real proof that they are a genuine store with genuine pure oils…Would
    love to know if they gave you any store details or online website
    please…Sending you Love, Light and Many Blessings ☺♥♥♥

  5. Vimsetutta says:

    So inspirational :)

  6. onlyjoetee says:

    I’m partial to oils,there’s always something in my burner..

  7. Mystic Dandelion says:

    could you pm me where you buy your crystals and oils~there is nothing in my
    town ~plus online is sketchy ~
    sending you ♥~~~~~~’s

  8. matt clampitt says:

    Hey Caroline! Do you mind sending me the link to to buy these Pure
    Essential oils? I wanna make sure I dont end up being the wrong ones. 🙂
    Thanks for the very informative info about essential oils, iv always heard
    about them but never really looked into them.. 

  9. ChaldeanCauldron says:

    Most oils are very healthy, patchouli being one of the best on its own.
    Combining oils can also work synergistically to be very good too. I
    wouldn’t experiment blindly though.

  10. Gerle Palam says:

    thank you so much love. i’m so excited to try it out

  11. Chef Ameera Leguex says:

    I just Love the light and love expressed they you and your videos. I am a
    crystals junkie as well and love making and experimenting with different
    healing techniques I’m guided to tri my intuition. Years ago I was
    introduced to aromatherapy and herbs and didn’t quite know why until my
    ancestors told me why I was here! It then all made sense. Thank you for
    your videos, they’re giving me another perspective which guides me to tap
    more into my right side of then brain. You are pure Love!

  12. Bobby Hickey says:

    The most beautiful women I ever saw

  13. Seasoned WeMoon says:

    Patchouli my #1 soother will forever hold a place on my Scared Altar
    amongst a variety wonderous essential oils that I have in my healing
    cabinet. For about a year or two I’ve added a fusion of pure essential
    oils blended to balance my Chakras according to the ancient healing
    practice of Ayurveda. Chakras 1: Grounded, 2:Nourished, 3:Intention,
    4:Harmony, 5:Expressive, 6:Insight, 7:Wisdom. An ultimate treat is to pick
    fresh: Rosemary, Lavender, Peppermint and other beauties from my herb
    garden. I welcome sharing from whom I purchase my beauties. Love, is in
    the air and riding the warm summer wind, shall we ask, we know, it’s SiStar
    Caroline for sure :D

  14. Geena114 says:

    Hello Caroline my friend, would you please inbox me the source of your
    essential oils as well, I would really appreciate it. Thank you so much!

  15. crystala tryinger says:

    Hi Caroline Ive bought a few crystals since you have converted me into a
    crystal lover THANK YOU SO MUCH and i think my intuition has been working
    for me all along and for some reason i wanted to carry red jasper and after
    carrying it around with me all day it i thought hey today i was really
    confident lets read up on the quality’s of red jasper and I am glad to say
    i had all of the affects of red jasper today apart from dream recall I’m
    hoping i have that today but im too exited and can’t sleep lol and all my
    life for some reason when im consentrating on it ive been very lucky with
    feeling my third eye sort of have a pressure on it as if somebody is
    putting a finger and pushing gently on it. and ive been putting my blue
    kyanite piece on my third eye as well so weird that you said you was doing
    that aswell and i just needed to say thank you Caroline peace and love and
    please please please keep posting more videos. Your an angel. 🙂 and try
    visualizing when your putting your blue kyanite piece on your third eye ive
    noticed a more clear visualization as if i can see colors alot more vividly
    and when i try to picture grass ect it will be extremely green and move
    like its being blown by the wind but can only hold the visualization for a
    few seconds im going to practice on visualizing it for longer periods of
    time see if it works. once again THANK YOU.

  16. Emma Jones says:

    Thanks for the information. I love essential oils. peace and blessing.

  17. Indigo Savage says:

    Hey Caroline :))) loved this very much !!! Great information that has
    apparently been kept a secret .. Your truly awakening to the spiritual
    goddess that you are !!! Can’t wait to try the frankincense and Mir :)))
    thanks so much for this information !!! Love you :))) 

  18. Sirpent Thirteen says:

    When I listen to you I feel like i’m not crazy! 

  19. John BiPolarAmbassador says:

    great to know that you get goosies (10:49) as a result of using
    frankincense. I was with you the day you were first introduced to essential
    oils. I remember the lady a little too well 🙂 great vid sis

  20. sophiesophie25 says:

    I LOVE all your videos!! Please keep on making them 🙂 Much much love

  21. Jahaira Galeano says:

    Hello I was also wondering if you can help me find genuine essential oils:)
    and which are your favorite aromas?

  22. Dobetterforyourself Coach says:
  23. gingerchai1 says:

    Hello Caroline, can you please share your source for essential oils? I
    need to mix up some smudge spray using sage essential oil. Thanks as always
    for being an inspiration.

  24. melb71 says:

    Hello Carolina,Could you please tell me the website where you get your
    essential oils from please. Thanks

  25. lavenderraines says:

    Hey there I appreciate how you express your feelings and your experiences
    using essential oils and crystals. I have not felt any feelings of my
    frequency changing when using any essential oils except with Rock Rose and
    once I was sick and I smelled clove oil and I had an overwhelming feeling
    of euphoria and comfort. In that moment I realized the essential oils
    power. I am remembering as I type past experiences with oils. I have used
    them for many years and very seldom have I had a profound shift in my
    circumstances that was noticeable. I understand most change will happen for
    many people including myself very very subtlety. However I recall a feeling
    of alignment using a blue tansy mixture that was based on alignment this
    was a feeling of happiness and knowing that I was on the right path with
    this blend of oils. Another time was massaging a person a spearmint oil I
    was using kinda jumped out in my mind in a quite way, so I in turn selected
    this oil, instead of asking the client which one they preferred upon
    smelling them. I said all this to say that most of the feelings I have felt
    from an oil has been subtle and not always a strong awareness. However,
    it’s the subtle shifts and feelings you need to be aware of. Many times
    they are to light to pick up on, unless you are in a meditative state. I
    agree that therapeutic oils carry that frequency shift. 

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